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Chakana Compass

The Chakana Compass is a unique Ascension Catalyst. A GoldPrint into your New Earth Living. 


An Ascension Journey, Inner Work, and activation to evolve and shift into your own Chakana Compass, Heart and Homo Luminous. 


The Chakana Compass allows you to set your compass to read your maps, and live beyond your wildest dreams, attuned to your soul’s purpose. 



- A meditation, to prepare and attune.

- A Living Medicine (PDF), to guide you through the process of deep healing and discovery to set your Compass to YOU, with journaling.  

- An Activation, to fully activate your Compass within, and to claim your soul's purpose and directions. 

we are currently creating 2 Video Classes for you to support your journey ( you will get access as soon as we upload them? 


This is essential for Ascension Archetypes and anyone who resonates with the Collective Consciousness Shift,

and the unique part one plays in it.

Nexus & Access Points 2023

 Nexus Points are the inevitable points and the Access Points how we get in.  


This takes you into the energies of 2023. 

You attune to the collective consciousness here, and your collective self. 

You are part of releasing the old paradigms, and you bring the new energy here to earth. 

When you purchase you will automatically receive the updates. There will be three more Nexus & Access Points in 2023 

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