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The Architecture of the Heart, 
a Mystic Experience 

We attune your world and readiness ... 

Your Call to go within and shift into the HEART,

New Dimensions, Octaves & Horizons of the Aquarian Wisdom, Consciousness & 

Homo Luminous, for our unique and collective Ascension Journey. 

We journey with you through what holds the new

Architecture of the Heart 

Chambers, Realms & Dimensions, Keys, Codes & Sings 

 Rhythms, Language  & Light, 

to the  Potential.o fyour Unique Wholeness nd Roles at this time. 


This Mystic Experience takes you to what you are ready for, 

and you can always come back for more. 


Architecture of the Heart takes you 

Beyond entanglement, entrapment, and enslavement through time, space, dimensions, and realities. 


awakening to Unplug so we can access Architecture of the Heart 

attuning to Unlock so we can activate Architecture of the Heart 

actualizing to Unify so we can author Architecture of the Heart. 

A 3 -5 hour Mystic Experience face2face, in our space, or virtual,

that includes a class and a sound journey.


Face2Face up to 4 participants.

Virtual up to 8 participants. 

Coming up as a multi-media ebook series on Architecture of the Heart in the  HeArt Shop. 

Do you dare to get started or continue?


Architecture of the Heart comes in small bites. 

We can facilitate  and design in 




another Key to Consciousness Architecture.



Fill the form below for your exploratory free call. 

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