Consciousness Architecture

Journeys to cross over 

Feeling the ChoicePoint? What is beyond current consciousness? 

Ready to explore your GoldPrint and how to bring Consciousness Architecture (c) into your Life, Education, Business & Endeavors? 

A unique and extraordinary program weaving together the phronesis (practical wisdom)

of indigenous, original, and resonating sources to step fully into a new consciousness of the Heart unfolding. 

Unplug. Unlock. Unify. 

Explore the ART, Keys & Praxis to take you Beyond NOW. 

A Path of the Heart. JoyFlow in your uniqueness & collectively. 

to be part of New Earth Harmonic Systems and Principles,  Consciousness & Clarity. 

Beyond old concepts and paradigms to choice 



Consciousness Architecture is a bridge into the ART, Keys & Praxis allowing you

to enlighten your path, your fields, your relations & life. 

Originated by the Sonic Sonqos with a unique, intuitive & original heartsynced methodology, menu, maps and magic

Classes & Sounds to you can be the Blessing you have come to be. 

Cecie and Patrick have unwavering grit and love as Sound Artists & ChakaRunas to be with you on this journey to cross over.  

A Heartsynced Ascension Journey into a new consciousness, new earth, new energy 

in education & business, your profession & life.


Each module is a workshop over 2-3 hours on zoom with up to 11 participants and one private integration session. 

You can enjoy it for your own team or business, or check the dates for the public modules in the Events, 

Apprenticeships are also available to bring your own Consciousness Architect to play and light, to voice and poise. 


Current Modules 

Consciousness Cafe Event every  6 weeks  Heart Dialogue & Sound 

tuning into Consciousness Architecture: Beyond the concepts & horizons. 

There are three parts to Consciousness Architecture:

Essentials of Consciousness Architecture: Attuning,

Weaving Consciousness Architecture into your Fields and New Earth, 

Relational Rhythms and Flow of Consciousness Architecture 

Currently, modules are created for each part. Each part as one shamanic module. 

Consciousness Architecture is here so you can be the Blessing you have come to be and shine

community. collaboration. compassion. courage. consciousness. choice. contentment. and so much more.