ChoicePoint Consciousness

An 8 months Journey  

Feeling the ChoicePoint? What is beyond current consciousness? 

Ready to explore your GoldPrint and how to bring Consciousness Architecture into your Life, Business & Endeavors. 

A unique and extraordinary program weaving together the phronesis (practical wisdom)

of indigenous, original, and resonating sources to step fully into a new consciousness of the Heart unfolding. 

Unplug. Unlock. Unify. 

A Path of the Heart. JoyFlow in your uniqueness & collectively. 

to be part of New Earth Harmonic Systems and Principles,  Consciousness & Clarity. 

Beyond old concepts and paradigms to choice 


The Essentials

Consciousness Architecture consists of HeART, Keys & Praxis 

The Sonic Sonqos bring a unique, intuitive & original heartsynced learning methodology to you

Classes & Sound, Voice & Poise, Ceremony and unwavering grit and love to bridge and accompany your Journey. 

Ready for you in Sound & Synchronicity, in Light & Oneness  

ConsciousnessArtchitecture.  ChakanaCompass.  RainbowMedicine. Forgiveness revealed. Harmonic Resonance. 

Homo Luminous GoldPrint. +++


Graceful. Connected. HeartConscious. Caring. Daring. Spontaneous. Light and in JoyFlow. 

Beyond Value 


Breaking these bombshells to set free into New Horizons of Understanding, Consciousness & Light. 

To Be the Blessing you have come to BE. 

Beyond Fear and Doubts. Where can your Choice take you? 

Beyond human skills, capability & talents. Where can your Treasures take you?

Beyond mission, vision & purpose. Where can your Blessing take you? 

Beyond roots, routes, ruts & conditions. Where can your Heart take you?  

Beyond success, expectations & stress.  Where can LOVE take you? 

Beyond good & bad, have to & don't. Where can Harmony take you? 

Beyond work/life balance, personal development, and growth.  Where can your Consciousness Architecture take you?

7-11 Participants only.  Book your Click Call to enrol.