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Attuning to the potential of your GoldPrint beyond your horizon.

Consciousness Architecture  

Summer School  from 12./12/2023 
for Practitioners, Ascension Archetypes & Starseeds

A Mystial IngriedientL   Consciousness Architecture 

  Consciousness Architecture, give you access 

to New Horizons, Dimensions and Octaves of Consciousness for New Earth.  

 HeArt Codes and Keys - Operative Systems (OS) Heart 

GoldPrint to New EARH 

AccessPoitnt Heart to Homo Luminous 

Songs and Language of New EARTH  - The Source Choir is the community space 

We are also open for intuitive Research and consulting, Endeavors and projects, unique Courses and Retreats

of  Consciousness Architecture. 

Fill in the form below, for your exploratory call. 

Currently available

HeArt Codes and Keys. 

Connecting OS Heart  

AccessPoint Heart 

Exploring the field   

What is the GoldPrint of New EARTH? 

Tools for your unique 

Master Ascension & Homo Luminous

Healing Codes for

Soul, Heart & Soul Fractal

to embody the physical experience


Currently Available

 Blended or Short Courses

Chakana Compass

Find your true north and your arrow

of focus on your trajectory 

available in the Shop,

as Audio Course,

Relational Keys 

RECIPE & RHYTHMS to attune 

will be available in the Shop 

as Audio Course,

Integrity Anchor & Signature 

Find the point of harmony in your Wholeness 

Medicine Wheel Journeys

to Your Soul, Heart, SourceFractas & 

this chosen Lifetime. 

Find your Integrity Signature to shine 

Short Courses

The Laika GoldPrint & Codes 

Dreaming Journeying & Mapping to

access new dimensions of consciousness 

More Short Courses to come 


Activating the GoldPrint on the Cosmic Medicine Wheel The consciousness of Mulitidimensionality 

Becomingto the Hummingbird through the World of Consciouness and Dimensions.



Maps with the







Compass attuning to

the GoldPrint.

Chakana Compass.

Heart & Source Fractal 



Find your spices

& flavours, 

your colours

& uniqueness.


Fill in the form below, for your free call, or let us know the short course of your interest.

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