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Emerging Ascension Archetypes 

Beyond the Rites of Passage, into New Earth

Here is the Call of the Heart and the metamorphosis into HEART of the Aquarian Age,

Homo Luminous, and our unique and collective Ascension Journey. 

A New GoldPrint beyond duality and drama, fight and fear, separation and karma. 

self-interest and domestication, labels and ego.

Beyond entanglement, entrapment, and enslavement through time, space, dimensions, and realities. 

Currently, there are 12 emerging Archetypes that will be introduced soon.

The Stories, Sound & Spirit Medicine Art of each Archetype will always be in Audio Series in the HeArt Shop. 

Heart Harmonics 

A 5-hour online Retreat Series 

to attune and explore your Ascension State & Aquarian Vibe & Light and what you can do with it. 

Leading up to the Solstice 2022, merging Ascension Archetypes are released, their GoldPrint, 

and also the roles you may take in the transition and metamorphosis. 

101 available now, later this year 201, 301, and a Mastery Retreats 

Explore your Emerging Ascension Archetypes 

Are you ready? This is the joy and excitement you have been feeling.

We are stepping into the unknown, together and through the Heart. 

Happy to offer a free 15 minutes call to connect.  Apply below

We are excited about this community space for Lightworkers and Starseeds, the emerging Archetypes.  

Check out the Solstice Journey 2022 in the EVENTS 




Emerge is now available  

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