LightSpirit Quests


What are LightSpirit Quests?

An Original that was gifted to Patrick during the first lockdown in Lima/Peru. 

LightSpirits as Animals came to share their stories and medicine to address

the collective tension and pressure in a playful and easy way. 


Easily linked to organizational context, Personal & Professional endeavors. 

Even Children and Young Adults enjoyed the currently five LightSpirits to learn a way to look within,

appreciative & compassionate, peaceful & creative, and a lot more. 


LightSpirits are experts to take us off the Drama Triangle and Collective Illusions, Menticide, 

Mass Psychosis & Hypnosis, Conditions & Domestication;

simply taking you into Choice with much love and lightness. 


Story, Sound & Spirit Medicine Arts deliver a story to each one,

and 3-5 medicine classes with sound & meditation and a private coaching session. 

Each LightSpirit has a name and Cecie created a painting for each.  


LightSpirits are here to bring their version of lightness beyond coping & resilience, mindsets & collective drama.

How do LightSpirit Quests Flow?

Virtual Program over 3-5 Classes and one personal Integration Class.


Enroll here for your Private LightSpirit Quest, you and/or a partner 


Enroll  here for Your Private Team or Group LightSpirit Quest

Register here for the next public LightSpirit Quest


As a graduate, you may be invited to explore your own Sound, Story & Spirit Medicine Art. 

What are Sonqos´ Sacred Keys?

Again, is the unique sound from the LightSpirits into your GoldPrint and DNA to HeartSync. 

Relating each story and medicine to the participants and opening up an infinite space for you

to explore and fill with your pure Potential, Presence, Power & Poise.

Unlocking your own satires and helping integrate LightSpirit Medicine.

Original sound journey design to access your Sacred Heart.


What can you enjoy


Wayki, the Hummingbird  -  How can you trust. 

Tuatara, the Tuatara  -  How can you explore who you are. 

Mettie, the Sloth  -  How can you step into your Presence. 

Sunny, the Giraffe  -  How can you open your heart. 

Ahonui, the Dolphin  -  How can you embody your spiritual path. 

And six more in the making. 


In our HeArt Shop:

Audios of the Stories

(English available and Spanish & German in production)

11 LightSpirits Cards with Cecie´s Art (in production)

LightSpirit Quests The Book (in production)