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LightSpirit Quests


What are LightSpirit Quests?

An Original, that was gifted to Patrick during the first lockdown in Lima/Peru. 

LightSpirits as Animals, came to share their stories and medicine,

to address the collective tension and pressure in a playful and easy way. 


Easily linked to an organizational context, Personal & Professional endeavours. 

Even Children and Young Adults enjoyed the current five LightSpirits, to learn a way to look within.

Appreciative & compassionate, peaceful & creative, and a lot more. 


LightSpirits are experts to take you into Choice, with much love and lightness. 


A program that includes:

The story of the LightSpirit of your Choice;

4-5 medicine classes with sound & meditation; and

a private coaching session for integration.


What can you enjoy currently?


Wayki, the Hummingbird  -  How can you trust. 

Tuatara, the oldest reptile  -  How can you explore who you are. 

Mettie, the Sloth  -  How can you step into your Presence. 

Sunny, the Giraffe  -  How can you open your heart. 

Ahonui, the Dolphin  -  How can you embody your spiritual path. 

Or who you are resonate to.

Also, in our HeArt Shop, as Self-discovery, 

you can buy an audio series.

(All are available in English, some in German and Spanish)

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