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What happens when  you turn on the Architecture of your Heart.

School of the Heart

Summer School from 12/12/2023

You may have been waiting for that point.  

So we opened the School to learn about the Heart. We start with Classes and will extend soon to courses, 

New Dimensions, Octaves & Horizons of the Aquarian Wisdom, Consciousness & 

Homo Luminous, for our unique and collective Ascension Journey. 

Current Classes 

Architecture of the Heart 

Self-Inquiry and Discovery through the Heart 

What is Heart Consciousness? 

 Self Realistaiton through the Heart 


Each class is about 90 minutes. Immerse into the Heart. Includes Medititive HeartMusic and more 


Where the School of Heart takes you 

To Heart Conscious Living. Harmonic States of Being and  Heart-Conscious Choice 


You will learn about the keys and codes of your heart. 

The  hidden knowing of your  Heart to your Wholeness and evolutionary Shift 

Immerse to the boundlessness of the Cosmic Heart 

Available from December 1, 2023 

Virtual or face-to-face 


Can be just YOU or up to 3 

Groups by request  

Audio Classes will also be available in our  HeArt Shop. 

Do you dare to get started or continue?


You can take classes on your own to immerse or with 1-2 others 

We can facilitate  and design in 




Are you ready to explore the HEART? 



Fill out the form below for your exploratory free call. 

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