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Michele K. Synegal

As a leader in corporate and spiritual spaces, Michele Synegal continues to uplevel her skills by increasing her ability to create and cast clear messages with confidence while fostering meaningful connections with those she leads. She integrates her lived experience, knowledge, and spirituality into her leadership style for maximum impact.

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Elizabeth Terry

Elizabeth is passionate about healthy living, her spiritual development, “being the change you want to see” and helping to facilitate personal, organizational and societal transformation.

Using a mix of NLP, Positive Intelligence and her spiritual insights, she supports her clients to unfold their best selves.

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Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Patrick is a vibrant Voice and Heart, showing up as leading light to embody and invoke the awakening of the Heart and HeartConsciousness.

His Shamanic path attunes to the songs and rhythms of new earth and the cosmos in the Vibration of Harmony, Vitality, Connectedness and Spiritual Integrity.  He brings Educational Leadership and the Power of Unlearning to his students and clients.

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Ana Cecilia H. Sonqo

Ana Cecilia is weaving her magic as an Artist and Alchemist of the Heart, Spirituality, Vitality and Consciousness into the new and colourful tapestry of LIFE.

Her unique lenses for energy are profound and enlightening. Excited to connect her gifts from her past in tertiary education, transformation, leadership, and projects,

to her Light

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