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How to access the Heart? 

Crossover with a ChakaRuna Sonqo

by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Ready to crossover and access YOUR Heart
A ChakaRuna Sonqo Bridge of the Heart to crossover

Often the question what do you do or who are you is a difficult question for me to answer. I don’t identify with my titles or persona, however, I do have a role at this time: #ChakaRuna #Sonqo, a man as a bridge into the #HEART. For a week or so I have been using #HeartBridge more consciously and Ana Cecilia resonates with ChakaRuna the same way for a long time. ChakaRuna is a woman or a man as a bridge and this came to me in my shamanic training. From the first time, I resonated. Sonqos’ Worlds - the Worlds of the #HEART  is our space of Service to Earth, the Cosmos, the natural rhythms and divine songs of the Universe and Source. So #ChakaRuna #Sonqo, is that bridge into the Heart and Sonqos’ Worlds, a way to #crossover into #HeartAwakening and #HeartConsciousness. The Worlds of the Heart is not a company name but a space for all of us to come into the heart and its infinite potential. The Bridge that we are serves you in a way to transition into your #homoluminous, your evolutionary leap of ascension, but at the same time

Once you crossover we are MapMakers, MapShifters, Mavericks and Guides to enjoy Sonqos’ Worlds as your home in #NewEarth as #HomoLuminous

This is always been clear to us both.of us and yet it took us until today to have that clarity that being the HeartBridge is our main mission at this time and even through timelines. As a bridge to crossover, we also carry #HeartVbes, Keys and codes, and Sound & Spirit Medicine Art to get access, attune, activate and actualise to live.  We are here as leading and guiding lights for you to see your path your #ascension, your role in #newearth and shift to #homoluminous from the HEART.

What does it mean to be a bridge of the Heart?

We are dedicated to sharing how to access the Heart with unwavering grit and trust.

We create and facilitate retreats and programs as well as unique Unlearning GoldPrints so you can crossover, immerse, emerge, embody, enjoy and journey with us

We create Sound and Spirit Medicine Art and Ceremonies to access, attune, activate and actualise your HEART.

I write blogs, posts and books, I make videos to invite you into your Heart.

We record music and meditation to the HEART.

Not all of us are ChakaRunas Sonqo but all of us need to crossover. there are different ways for sure.

What does it take to access the Heart?

Trust. Courage. Readiness. Reverence. Grit. Lightness. Playfulness. Presentness and whatever it takes for you uniquely.

How to access the Heart? 

What is that #HeartBridge ChakaRuna Sonqo for?

Here are three HeartLinks:

  • The Metaphor of the Heart.

  • The Metamorphic and Rebirthing Role of this Heart.

  • Connection and leap into the Mystery - the Mystic HEART

The Metaphor of this HEART

The Heart we are referring to is the essence of our being. The boundless, timeless, infinite, the observer and author, the co-creator and divine in us and of us., including our soul, spirit and SourceFractal. Our physical body, emotions and mind are part of the human experience we are currently in. In many traditions, we hear that the heart is the key to enlightenment, Elf realisation, ascension, evolution, wholeness and is connected to spiritual, cosmic and planetary cycles that are all connected and in Harmony. The Metaphoric Horizons of the Heart take us beyond time and space, physical and logical endeavours of human existence as we know it and even Homo Sapiens.

It is this HEART we are a bridge for. As we are reconnecting to this HEART we heal separation and fear, survival and pain, but also the psychosis and illusion we have been suffering in a 3rd dimensional Matrix.

We find this metaphor in Advaita, a range of Shamanic and Indigenous Wisdom, the worlds of spirit animals, especially with Whales, Dolphins, Giraffes, HummingBirds, Dogs sand others and connection together.

While we could always access this HEART, in Lemuria, Atlantis and throughout the times of Aries and Pisces have now the opportunity to graduate in our physical form and our HEART to #homoluminous and the Aquarian Age. Please note the Mayan Calendar and other prophesies and calendars refer to the same as it is all based on the cycles and rhythms of the cosmos.

Are you ready for a HeartBridge into this Heart that is yours?

What is the Gift we are bringing to Aquarius from our HEART?

Do you dare to #reconnect and crossover to your HEART?

The Metamorphic and Rebirthing Role of this Heart

At this where the same HEART becomes the Key to the Metamorphic experience and expansion of homo sapiens to homo luminous.

This is a time of transformation, evolution, ascension, shift and enlightenment, now collectively. We are riding the wave of the Heart at the end of the cycle, the Piscean  Age, from whatever perspective we want to see it, reconnecting to the essence of our being. The HEART. It is through the HEART we can go on this journey of Metamorphosis and Rebirth.

My favourite is the Dragonfly. This metamorphosis is called an incomplete one, as it does not have a cacoon, but emerges out it is old from as a nymph from the rivers into the flying dragonfly.  For me, our #metamorphosis to #homoluminous works the same way. It takes courage, grit and HEART.

Where are you on your Metamorphosis? What is your Rebirthing like?

How would a ChakaRuna Sonqo ease your journey?

Connection and leap into the Mystery - the Mystic HEART

By definition, the Mystic can step beyond the limitation of the mind and fully embrace the divine and the Mystery. For most Mystics this is possible through the Heart, and as I am a mystic it is surely like that for you. This is what we call a mystic or quantum leap.

Are you ready for your quantum leap to the HEART? Do you dare to crossover to your HEART?

I also wrote about the Lenses of the HEART.  Find here

Do you have a sense now of how to access the HEART?

How do you receive the Metaphor, the Metamorphosis of the Heart and Mystic HEART?

Should you resonate to crossover with a ChakaRuna Sonqo

Here are our Services for you and we are excited to hear from you and enjoy this journey to the HEART and of the HEART together.

Our Ascension Services, as HeartBridges and Guides with Sound & Spirit Medicine Art and Transformational Wisdom, allow you to cross over to Your HEART.

Our Sacred Keys and Codes, Seeds and Vibes bring you access and attune, they activate your GoldPrint and Creativeness, and actualise your Operating System heart with upgrades and updates.

The Shadow work includes illuminating, unplugging, unlocking and unifying with your HEART, unique to you but also for the Collective Consciousness

My very own Architecture of HeartConsciousness gives you access to your Ascension, new earth and homo luminous.

2024 is not an easy time to live, yet a perfect time to deconstruct and rebirth. A great time to crossover into the HEART with us a ChakaRuna Sonqo.

All our creations take you there.

Reconnect to the HEART online Program A Journey to Mastery

3 modules. Videos, our original Meditations, Assignments with personal feedback, HeartAuthor Group, and Heart Energy find out more here to enroll

Rekindle your HeartFire: Mastery Codes & Keys, Ceremonies & Magic

Retreat Season   Peru. Jamaica. Ibiza, Iceland  May - August 2024

4 participants or 4 couples. 4 Days/5 Nights. 33-day integration, private online masterclass and a Gathering with all participants.

You can now express your interest and let us know what locations you prefer.

These Retreats are held in small spaces in Nature Settings, the accommodation is not included, could be you live in the area or you can book a room in our venue. Two meals are included. It could also be, where you live and and we can come your way in Europe.

Evolutionary Leadership Retreat  Jamaica  May 30th - June 2nd

With a free Webinar to attune, 4 Facilitators, in the stunning Blue Mountains.

3 interactive Seminars. 3 Workshops a Treasure Hunt and Bonuses.

Join us. Can’t wait to welcome you and be that HeartBridge and Guide for YOU into your HEART and your Extraordinary YOU and #LIFE in #NewEARTH and #HomoLuminous

We are currently offering a Special.  It's a great way to meet online and explore where we can go from here.

A SoundBath and #SoundBridge into the HEART  info here

By Application: in Lamas, Peru or other locations in Peru, in English, Spanish or German

Silent Retreat 4 days/5 nights i 1-2 participants

Beyond Munay Ki Unique 13 Sound Initiations from the Heart    4-6 participants

Private Retreat 2-3 Days and 33 days of integration with our special Heart Energy and Vibration, Sound Meditations created for you, Voice Messages and Feedback and/or online sessions as requested for 1 participant or a couple.

We are well; prepared for this year to serve our magic in a vital and harmonic state of preparedness, intrepidness and flow.

Just ready for you now. To invite you to join. Make your investment so we can be that HeartBridge for YOU.


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