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LOVE, Dimensions & Synergy

Painting by Cecie H. Sonqo - Written by Patrick Sonqo-Talumewu

A Source of Sonqos’ Worlds

Sonqos’ Worlds, the worlds of the heart have three core sources or philosophies. The Sonqos are embodying the dynamics of these sources in their Choice & Art of Living.

The Collective Self

Synergy & Dimensions of LOVE

Cosmic Compass of Ti (the Source of Light)

So, here comes to you the second source of Sonqos’ Worlds. LOVE is possibly the most generous and mystic source of all there is. The word is considered mystic and describes the vastness of LOVE. In other languages, there are many words for LOVE, so in English we are asked to be clear of the meaning we are referring to.

As you may imagine, the synergy and dimensions of LOVE are not limited to a romantic feeling. More, it goes to a creation story that begins with LOVE. So, what is LOVE in Sonqos’ Worlds? It is that source that is the mother of all, it goes way beyond humanity or this planet. Many have spoken about this LOVE as the source. It holds all, it gives life to all, it changes all, it simply is. For us in Sonqos’ Worlds, we like to embody what touches and makes our heart sing, we wrap LOVE about anything. LOVE is the biggest challenge, to stay in it, to return to it, to stay true to it. It is easy to fall away from it. LOVE is this knowing, I can embrace it, I can do it, I can be it. LOVE starts with the ability to appreciate it when it presents itself. LOVE is the ability to see it in ALL.

That can be in smile, in the sunshine, in a connection with nature, the stars, a person, that moment, where it is just love. In the Celestine Prophesy, it was shown very beautifully, especially in the fifth insight, when we truly enter that space of LOVE. When LOVE works its magic, synergy occurs and so do higher dimensions, in the case of the Celestine Prophesy, to the point that the group became invisible. In a third dimension, where we may spend some or all of our time, LOVE may keep us in conditions & expectations bound to the third dimensional energy, in the forth dimension, it may get complicated, trying to make peace with LOVE through space & time, but once we go to the fifth dimension and higher it becomes easy and clear. Without self-interest, fears, ideologies & blocks.

When we embody LOVE, we are aware of its limitations in the mind and dimensions, and open up to the fifth dimension and more to fully flow in LOVE, in its purest form, Source.

You may have seen, ‘Wrinkles in Time’, the movie. When Charles Willis, the little brother was taken by the dark force, it was LOVE that set him free, helped him remembering, who he truly was and come back to LOVE, that he is. In the movie Matrix, it was also about LOVE that changes the game and the matrix. LOVE is the Source, the force that is only equal to Ti (the Source of Light). LOVE is within us, and we can remember it. When we connect, in consciousness, in meditation we can bring back LOVE into this world and truly shift the traps that hold us.

Embodying LOVE is to be always present to LOVE, all thoughts and each intent, every move. We fill all with LOVE. It does not mean that LOVE is blind to duality, or ‘the dark side’. However, it is surely LOVE that shifts it. No lecture or science, no rational mind or every so perfect argument. In the presence of LOVE all is possible. A wonderful source is also Rumi’s poems. LOVE begins within Self, for some of us the hardest LOVE of all, dancing together with gratitude.

Funny enough, as a child I did not experience that LOVE, although I was loved with all the restrictions and conditions my mother knew how to put on me. Three dimensional you may say. And yet, in her later years, to be clear, in her 90s, I am learning to LOVE her regardless of who she is, what she can do or not. It is the LOVE for spirit, living systems, and nature that brought me peace.

It is LOVE, that allows us to live in harmony with nature, to play our role in conscious living, contributing to a New World. LOVE is the mother of Living Systems bringing life and vitality to ALL. Vitality being a power for living, an energy that supports and is present in all living things.

In LOVE there is no separation or argument, no judgement or fear. LOVE is always in Ayni the sacred relationship of giving and receiving generously in a non-linear manner.

So, love is just LOVE that knowing that LOVE is everywhere and I have this choice to put LOVE everywhere. LOVE is staying in the presence of LOVE. It appears, that LOVE does not have concepts, theories, or philosophies. It simply helps us to step into the connectedness with LOVE, breaking limitations, experiences, conditions & expectations. LOVE is sovereign & free, harmless & honouring and whatever you make it to be. In the presence of LOVE Synergy happens even synchronicity and serendipity flow freely and even the choice of dimension becomes apparent.

The Synergy & Dimensions of LOVE are woven into all we do. Specifically, we use the word in Relations and LOVE. with two aspects, the workspace & personal space.

In the workspace it can be:

Beyond Inclusion & Diversity

HeArt Leadership

Cultural Change & Competence, Collaboration & Creativeness

Mind & Heartfulness

In a personal realm we are into:

Relational Rhythms with Self, Beloved, Family, the world and beyond.

Connectedness, the longing to be connected is the essence of relations in our worlds, as for us relations are based in that yearning, not to be co-dependant or dependant, but bring LOVE and freedom to all.

In both the work & personal space we do apply a range of concepts. Our application is here to make space inspiring our audience, collaborators, participants & clients to find their own resonance and truths.

Our general concepts for both Work & Personal Space.

Transpersonal Awakening & Praxis, being one, as it focuses on the participatory relational side of relations: self, beloved, world & beyond (spirit, universe, LIGHT, LOVE).

Transactional Dynamics to look at the communication of child, adult and parent, both the healthy and unhealthy aspects, and as far as it can go.

Love Languages with Couples.

Appreciative Inquiry to help shifting the focus on problem to the focus on possibilities, a journey of unlearning and embodying an authentic praxis.

Emotional Intelligence to understand emotions and learning how to express them in a harmless way.

Spiral Dynamics to build bridges of consciousness, life conditions and the way we engage, the v(value) and t(technology) memes, how we look at change, and perceive leadership.

Relational Dialectics to understand the dialectic interactions and the space in between.

We may also consult the wisdom the Five Agreements, Ho’oponopono, Shadow Shifting, Meditation, Soul Retrievals, Spirit & Story Medicine, Sacred Tracking & others.

Patrick is also qualified to test & interpret 5 deep Cultural View to give more insight to Spiral Dynamics.

For couples we also look at Love Languages. And of course, there is always our intuitive part and whatever comes in the moment. As we don’t do therapy or treatments, nor protocols or methods.

We bring LOVE & Relations into the sacred space of:

Vital Shifting Retreats

Master Classes (Life Videos & Podcasts)

Master Class Series

Sound Meditation Journeys

Cecie’s HeArt


Sound, Spirit & Story Medicine

Quantum Coaching & Synergetix

Always custom-made and personalised

Patrick Sonqo - Talumewu with Cecie H. Sonqo

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