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to You in NewEarth
to live from the Heart 


1:1 or 2:2 Couples 

Vital Connectedness, Well-being & Wellness 

For your Heart Awakening, Professionals,

 Practitioners, Leaders, Starseeds,

 Leading Lights, Lightworkers.

Where is your Dragonfly Magic on your Path of the Heart?
Are You Ready?

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Sound Bath & Bridge

In a Sound Bath & Bridge,

you can just relax and allow the

Sacred Heart Frequencies of our instruments and voices to restore

your vitality and harmony, 

You may come with an inquiry

and we let the magic find its way. 

Exquisitely, potent and harmonious, 

so you can fully attune to You.

One Sound Bath & Bridge at a time 

for anyone. It can be for couples, 

children (with their parents)

and animals. 

As a Multidimensional Bridge,

we share with you language from the

Heart to connect to your

Harmonic States of Being.


Enjoy the Power of Sound and

Frequency to connect with you. 

Find out your new horizons, your empty canvas.

New Earth Horzions

Evolutionary Mystic Coaching


Are you ready for a bridge and not help?

Are you ready to receive the keys to unlock your responsibilities to

author and create your life?

Are you ready to see beyond the problems and evolve?

You may resonate, and it is also for

Evolutionary Leaders from the Heart;

and Evolving Couples.

You may look for

The Power of Conscious Choice

into your Vitality, beyond mental and emotional health;

and your Evolutionary Leap into

New Earth.

We can serve you with

unique sessions or monthly packages

to journey to your True Self to enjoy

connectedness, relatedness, and

beingness in synergy and vitality.

Your Compass to you



New Earth Apprenticeships

To Your Unique Zenith of your

Ascension Journey,

and ground in New Earth. 

ChakaRuna Keys, as you cross over

to your multidimensionality and

live from the Heart.

You receive keys and codes to

your wholeness and our collective consciousness in New Earth & Vitality, 

For Practitioners, Light Workers, and Creatives, ready to deepen their service, creations, and unique expression.


Dare to be YOU 

Homo luminous & Collective Self 


Sessions, Ceremonies, Journeys,

Laika GoldPrint, HeartHealing Codes +++

from 4 to 12 months 

Restoring the harmony and peace in your soul's journey and your lineage



Heart Harmonics 

You feel interferences, interruptions,

and even attacks, that are not explainable or seen. 

In your Home, Your Business,

Your Relations, Your LIFE. 


Heart Harmonics is here to restore  

Harmony & Peace in your worlds,

within & beyond, in Love & Integrity.  

Book your exploratory call,

and share what is happening. 

We make you an offer,

and work for 3-10 days, remotely for you. 

Check-ins and final conversation, 

to stay in Harmony & Peace 

Always attuned to your unique needs and inquiry 

How it works?


The above are a few of our options. 

We support, bridge, anchor unlock, and spark your evolutionary awakening, and ascension journey

 to Homo Luminous in New EARTH and Harmonic States of Being. 


Register for a free exploratory call,

to find resonance and synergy, before getting started.

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