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Private Metamorphosis 

A sacred immersion.

Session & Programs  

Metaphoric Journeys with

Dragonfly Magic  

Evolutionary Leap to YOU 

Where is your Dragonfly? In the river or hanging on the tree? 

The nature of Mystic Kintsugi. The beauty beyond brokenness

Signature Soul 

Mystic Kintsugi

Mystical Kintsugi,

 breaks that story beyond

your need and pain. 

It looks at the beauty of the broken

Soul, to mend it together in Kintsugi.

Connecting to the Higher Soul in the Halls of the Amenti,

to embrace YOU. 

Inspired by many traditions

 9 - 12 days 

Find out your new horizons, your empty canvas.

New Horzions

Integrity Sync

A special session for clarity & alignment.

A check into Your Integrity, 

Are you in Wholeness & Truths with You? 

 Do you wonder where you are at? 

Do you wonder how the lunar nodes and cosmos supporting you at this time? 

Is your integrity synced? 

Do you live in magic, synchronicty & synergy?

cards, sound, crystals or penduum .

Phronsis (practical & sacred wsdom)

and Love for YOU 

no preditions . no energy influence 


Your Compass to you

Chakana Path

 Homo Lumionous Awaken

Pathways to take you

to Your Unique Zenith of your Journey, 

attuned to your Ascension Archetypes. 


The Chakana

provides a Map & Compass, GoldPrint

and New Operating System Heart 

4 to 12 months Journey.


Bring all of You from the Heart.

The Sonic Sonqos' Ingredients for you to make the Quantum Leap to You


Dare to be YOU 

Homo luminous & Collective Self 

Uniquely for you 

Sessions, Ceremonies, Medicine Wheel Jourenys Laika GoldPrint, New Healing Codes +++


Restoring the harmony and peace in your soul's journey and your lineage

Signature Heart 

Heart Harmonics 

You feel interferences, interruptions,

and even attacks, that are not explainable or seen. 

In your Home, Your Business,

Your Relations, Your LIFE. 


Heart Harmonics is here to restore  

Harmony & Peace in your worlds,

within & beyond, in Love & Integrity.  

Book your exploratory call,

and share what is happening. 

We make you an offer,

and work for 3-10 days, remotely for you. 

Check-ins and final conversation, 

to stay in Harmony & Peace 

Always attuned to your unique need and inquiry 

How it works?


The above are a few of our options. 

We support, bridge, anchor and spark your evolutionary, awakening, and ascension journey

 to Homo Luminous in New EARTH to Harmonic States of Being 

By Application 

Self-Realize. Shift and Sync. Shine and Serve 

Sessions, Sound Journeys, Projects & Journeys for One and Couples

Our expertise with couples is Relational Rhythms. 

Where are You on Your Personal Metamorphosis?

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