The Path of the Heart to YOU through Fire
HeartSynced Journeys to your 
Professional & Business Awakening 
Beyond Personal & Relational Choices 


Privates Heart2Heart 



The Sonic Sonqos come to you as Privates when you feel out of your strengths and comfort, 

when you sense you are in a bombshell that is breaking so you can 

open up new horizons of understanding and consciousness. 

Some come for

a Private Session to Recharge. Reset. Retune. Refocus. Lift up. 

a Private Journey when they are ready to let go and set you free from barriers & traps, limitations & expectations +++  

in any case, it is attuned to you, your inquiry, and your insight. 

We are all here to bring Your Blessings (business & endeavours) to an awakening world to make that impact, shine that light,

to be that difference, and dare to make it happen and dream it into being. 


You may be an entrepreneur or creative, an educator or a professional;

you may have made choices that take you on a new path to share and care in your world. 


What happens in Privates


You are met here ¨Heart2Heart¨ in your world.


Creating a sacred space for your calling & passion, your blessing, 

your HeartSong & light to be seen.

Looking beyond the signs that bring you here and exploring the

uniqueness influence to you and the collective that holds. 

Each Journey, a ceremony, a bridge, a sound or meditation, 

and a space to bring your true Choice to life and light. 

unplug. unlock. unify.

  Privates are the Art, Keys and Praxis to your GoldPrint of Homo Luminous.

ConsciousnessArchitecture for You, Your Business & Community, 

Your Connections & Relations with and for All. 

How can you experience the Sonqos? 

There are four ways to JoyFlow here 

Chakana Compass exchange .png


Chakana Compass

A comprehensive journey, including:
  • A Living Medicine Guidebook and Journal for Self Inquiry and Discovery;
  • A Private Initiation Ceremony; 
  • A Sound Meditation and a SoundLine to heartsync and enjoy. 
  • in addition, can include sacred Mapping & MapShifting. 
  • Soul & Source Signatures revealed 



One Session at a time to
enlighten your situation, and your perceptions and dive into the quantum field of possibilities in the midst of chaos. 

Exploring your potential beyond the veil of your mind. 

Can be:

  • Light Guidance to see behind 

  • Coaching Dialogue 

  • Sound Healing Arts 

  • Readings 

  • Clarity 

Recharge. Relax. Refocus. Revitaliize. Reconnect. 

Find your harmony. 



Monthly Packages

Here, you can stay in the flow, upgrade and attune.


You may have completed another journey and like to stay on track  

1-3 times per month

to continue your ascension trajectory or 

Your Own Consciousness Architecture Project 



Retainers are to maintain, integrate, embody & BE 

your transformation with your Praxis to bring your blessing to light and play.


Clearing Journeys 

Beyond Ceremonies 

You feel trapped or energetically blocked, hijacked, influenced, traumatised, lost, heavy +++  


We will take your story and realisation beyond to break it and 

bring you back to YOU. 

  • a Ceremony 

  • being your bridge to cross over 

  • holding space for your shift 

  • integration sessions 

  • Sound & Meditations for your own praxis 

  • support & insights 

Can 3-7 days or up to one month 

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