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Retreats & Mystical Experiences 



Welcome to this sacred HeArt Space in Nature, in a magical jungle setting, 

HeartSynced (Un)Learning Quests to YOU

Awakening Maps & Compass, Keys & Bridges to your Ascension Journey to Vibe up & HeartSync 

Ceremonies, Vital Breath, Movement and Culinary HeArt. 


Transformational & Enlightening, Profound & Playful. Powerful & Exquisite 

The Sonic Sonqos love to design your retreat uniquely, fully attuned to You,

1-4 participants 

NO Plant Medicine 

How to get your Retreat or Mystic Experience...?

Retreats are available for 4 days or more, mostly for 1-4  participants. 

Mystic Experiences are 3-5 hours.


The Sonic Sonqos are based in Lamas - Perú.

A village spirited town, charming and enchanted in the Jungle of Peru. 

Other Locations may be possible. Ask. 

Your unique and joy-filled Retreat or Mystic Experience is a call away. 


See the form below and book a free call to explore. 

Tasting some ingredients ...

Retreats & Msystic Experiences have unique flavours and spices for you. 

The Sonic Sonqos: Mystic HeArt, so you can Access. Attune. Actualize 

Open for Mystic HeArt Experiences

Dare to cross over the Bridges beyond Consciouesness? 


Ready for Beyond Munay Ki / Relational Rhythms & Magic? 

Happy to have a chat. Book your exploratory call below 

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