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Kick-off in Lamas, our Jungle Home



May 14-17, June 3-6 and 11-14

EUROPE  August - Ask us 

SICILY - September - Ask us

PISAQ, PERU Sacred Valley 

November 8-11 at Paz y Luz 

Register your interest now - spaces are available 

for the Destination and Dates,

once we have four participants, we complete and

then you can make your payments and booking. 

Fill in the form below 

Are you ready to Your Mystic HeartFire?

A Promise to You to step into the unknon and unchartered Magic of Your HeartFire to Evolve.

Immerse and Emerge to You - Your Ascension Potential to 

Author, Compose, Heal, Rebirth, Clear , and with Your HeartFire.

So You can Leap and Lead into New Earth as Homo Luminous.

Uniqueness of 4 - 4 - 33

4 Days Retreat - immersive and emerging,

4 participants or 2 couples each time,

33 Days Integration Map to embody and truly live and speak your HeartFire

with a private master class


Online Gathering with all participants at the end of 2024

Rekindle your HearFire - our ingredients.png

Awakening the HeartFire to 

Sing, Dance, Dream, Weave and Author New Earth and

Your own New Homo Luminous Version

into Being - together.

Nature Immersion - Vital Harmonizing -
Sound, Meditation & Language Bridge 

Your Investment in You & Your Mystic HeartFire

US$ / Euro 1,733


Facilitation, ceremonies, meditations, dialogues,

two meals per day (plant-based) and snacks.

Accommodation and tickets are not included.

33 days Integration Map or each HeartFire,

private master class.

Online Gathering at the end of 2024 with all participants.

Kick Off in Lamas - Peru:  US$ / Euro 1,155

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