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Light Spirit Quests - Audio Series

The Magic of Story & Sound. Voice & Poise. Paintings by Cecie 

 with mystical Spirit & Power Animals


Educational & entertaining with a magical, metaphorical and playful touch.  

Taking you into the magic shifting into your 5 D Being of healing, choice, and peace


Perpetual insights. 

Each time you return, you find other treasures. 


Each LightSpirit has its own Magic. You will know what resonates. 

For children &  adults alike 

Family Time, Teams, Business Storytime or on your own


Ready to share with you

Wayki, the Hummingbird to discover your journey to YOU. 

Mettie, the Sloth to attune to your Presence. 

Tuatara, the Tuatara to connect to who you truly are. 

Sunny, the Giraffe to embrace your uniqueness from the Heart. 

Ahonui, the Dolphin to love the blessing you have come to be. 

Wayki by Cecie H_edited.jpg

Wayki Story


Mettie's Story


Tuatara's Story


Sunny's Story


Ahonui's Story

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