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AccessPoint Heart

Blogging is a great way to share. 

Stories and Wisdom - Love and Consciousness - Praxis & Insights


Writing is in my blood and fascinated me along with music since I was able to write. 


So, this is a re-introduction to blogging, as an expression of songs and language of the heart for new earth and to new octaves of consciousness. 


Patrick’s voice and poise for your choice.

Cecie’s magic of photography and HeArt bring beauty to your Eyes and Heart. 


We are looking at writing new blogs 14 nightly in the flow. 

We love your comments and questions. 

We are open to your suggestions for topics.

We are in this together.

Thank you for being part.


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We are grateful for you being part of the community at

AccessPoint Heart in Sonqos’Worlds

with the Sonic Sonqos. 

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