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Evolving work-life balance. Three keys to Vital Harmonizing

Evolving work-life balance to Vital Harmonizing
Evolvig work-life balance. Three keys to Vital Harmonizing

Where does work-life balance take you? A percentage? What is life? What is work? Are you multitasking? What percentage goes to what?

For me, work-life balance does not exist, such a buzzword that keeps hype. Go to the gym, and take a break, but that does not bring harmony to your life.

You can already read about Work-Life Harmony to take us beyond. You already hear voices that question the work and life concept.

Evolving work-life balance - a task for evolutionary leaders and the leader within.

Do you have a guru who tells you what your work-life balance should look like?

Do you follow?

Is work and life all got You?

Yes, you came here to live, to experience, to learn and unlearn, to evolve and ascend, but if you are not connected to, your whole being, it does not make sense.

You have not come to be born, live and die.

Evolving work-life balance to Vital Harmonizing?

You have come here at this time to awaken to the heart, to evolve, to self-realise, and experience the shift from homo sapiens to homo luminous.

Vital Harmonizing is a bridge between all you are, your external world and your inner magic, the human experience that you have, and the spiritual being that you are, at this time. This is not just another time. We have lined up to be here for this event.

Vital Harmonizing takes you into all that you are. Not giving less to get more.

But to give all to be All.

Vital Harmonizing is not just pleasing different aspects and bringing them together. Vital Harmonizing is dancing the sacred rhythms of our whole being, earth, and the universe. It is like in music, specifically Jazz, improvising and daring the harmonies as they unfold and flow. Not one over the other, but together.

We could see we live in discord and disharmony. We have lost the connection to be in the harmonic rhythms of the earth and the universe. Fear, separation, and control are not harmony. Harmony is freedom, choice, compassion, and LOVE. Not love as the emotion or action, but the highest vibration, energy, frequency, dimension, and consciousness. Vital Harmonizing takes out the ego and the Heart takes charge in LOVE.

And of course, Vital always means, firstly essential and secondly, filled with life, vibrant, dynamic, spirited, and zestful.

Are you ready for Vital Harmonizing instead of Work-Life Balance?

The center point for this Vital Harmonizing is the Heart, so it is Harmonies of the Heart.

and here they come.

Three keys to Vital Harmonizing evolving work-life balance

Key 1 - Vital Connectedness & Presentness

Simply, get into your vital mode and connect. Trust connection is a leap into the mystery and magic, the unseen and unwritten to make that sacred bond and link to connect. Here is Presentness. The Great I AM, the boundless and infinite having fun to live and enjoy it all. This is where all harmonizes. You are pure and connected to bring the unmanifest, you are present to You to bring it into the magic.

Key 2 - Letting go gracefully to be flexible and open for the quantum space

Holding on always holds us back. What we resist - persists. Everything goes where the energy goes. Letting go gracefully is possibly the biggest gift you can give your Self. What we are holding on to is the lie, the illusion, the fear,  the pain, the suffering, and the ego. But the bliss is really on the other side and the real freedom. In this Bliss, you live in Heart harmonizing. It feels like in this transition we are still enslaved, entangled, and entrapped in the old and slowly we are getting out. It is stuck within and letting go is what it takes.

Being flexible is said to be the best way to well-being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. What we knew yesterday is nothing to be attached to or identify with. We are evolving and understand more who we truly are. All states of dis-ease, sickness, and being unwell are related to a lack of flexibility and openness, as we are entrapped, entangled, and enslaved in our programs, perceptions, mindsets, beliefs, pain, and suffering. We have that tendency to be attached to the persona and our past, instead of being open to Vital Harmonizing from the Heart, letting the Vital Harmony be enjoyed.

Key 3 - Focus and flow - Unwavering trust and LOVE

Yes, it requires focus. Not in the sense of what you want, but in the sense of sticking to your inner voice, to your vision and mission from the Heart, Soul, and Spirit. We have chosen this body to make it happen. The Focus is to have that grit in our higher purpose at this time of Ascension, shift to homo luminous and new earth. What is our role? What are we here for? The focus is always clear at this moment in time. It does not really change it just goes deeper and crystallizes over time. Given that time is an illusion, it is the same focus we just remember, discover, and claim it more.

And the FLOW, yes. How many times have you rejected the flow? How many times do you choose not to listen and prefer to struggle and fight?

This is the human, homo sapiens experience. When are you letting that go and trusting LOVE?

In Vital Harmonizing it all comes - naturally. Like that amazing improvised jazz harmonies, unwritten and yet magic.

What are you ready to do with these keys, evolutionary leaders, and leading lights?

Can you let go of that work-life balance, that you never had anyway?

Are you in for the real evolution? A mastery from within.

Conscious Leadership. Evolutionary Leadership. New Earth Leadership. Spiritual Leadership. Heart Leadership.

Where are you?

Let me know if you are ready for Vital Harmonizing through the Heart.

Happy to invoke it with you and journey to your magic.

Find out how Vital Harmonizing can awaken your choice and keys of inner leadership and inner mastery.


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