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Blessings from the Language of the HeArt 

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It will be ebooks at the beginning. 

 AccessPoint Heart:

The Gift & Choice of Vital Shifting within

The Vital Element of

Consciousness Architecture 

A Series of three

In this series, we meet at AccessPoint Heart. The Gift of Story & Architecture, Wisdom & Messages, the Choice of Nexus & AccessPioint, signs and Poetry to evolve through the heart. 

Heart-opening, Encouraging, and Compassionate. Peaceful and filled with Creativeness, Wonder and Light. 


Unplugging is about awakening, like a Gift to break, detach from and set free from enslavement, entrapment, and entanglement of the last 4000 years to truly awaken and access the new octaves, dimensions, and horizons of consciousness.

To be published September 2023 


Unlocking is the Heart's Architecture that attunes and activates our unique wholeness, our Heart Consciousness, Songs, Light & Rhythms to take our Ascension Archetypes' Roles and Potential 

To be published  December 2023 


Unifying is when we truly connect to our uniqueness and collectiveness. A Journey of exploring new horizons, octaves & dimensions of consciousness together.  Here, we actualise and author NEW EARTH together. 

To be published  February 2024 


Riding the Wave to the Heart:

A Bridge into New Earth

In this book, you receive insights and ways to ride the wave of Awakening and Ascension. 

What brought us here and how we can play our role for New Earth for the next 10-12 years? Mapping the way. to cross over that bridge into NEW EARTH. 

Clear and trusting. open and daring. Encouraging and Mystic 

To be published October 2023      

Journeys of the

Mystic Heart

an Anthology & Mystic Storytelling:

a Selection of Stories.

These Mystic Stories take you into the Magic of Story and the realms beyond. 

Mystic Experiences and Unlearning, beyond the premises of the Hero, but showers and warriors of Light. 

Let the Stories take you to your own Magic. 

To be published later in 2023      

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