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What happens when you make the Evolutionary Leap as a Leader?

by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

You are invited to your Evolutionary Leap
Join us to leap into your Evolutionary Leader

Well, the short answer is you become an #evolutionary #leader.

However, it is not easy to make that evolutionary leap as a leader. Like in any profession, title, role and calling it is much easier to stay in a safe box, our comfort or discomfort than making that leap into the unknown, unchartered and even unwritten.

Are you ready? How do you know you can make this evolutionary leap?

What are the prerequisites to new results, and infinite #fields of #possibilities?

Can you imagine #living and #leading in new #horizons and #zeniths?

It starts with #readiness, #courage, #trust and #resonance.

Old comfort, old #paradigms, mindsets and fear.

Ready to leave this space?

Do you truly dare to be this #extraordinary #YOU?

Do you have questions that bother you and you can’t find answers?

Do you know what is holding you back?

Let me invite you to a space for deconstructing the old to co-create and live in the infinite fields of possibilities in 2024 and beyond.

What is your #Magic when you make the #Evolutionary #Leap as a #Leader?

Commonly, it takes a conscious choice to raise our vibe and energy, our voice and poise.

When you are filled with fear and negativity, limitations and lack, the vibe and energy of an evolutionary leap won't catch you.

Should you worry your voice would tell.

If your words are not in resonance, we could call it a lie.

Now leading lights and leaders, are called to make this evolutionary leap, breaking the old, and deconstructing the comfort and identity traps to evolve in Harmony.

For our Evolutionary Leadership Retreat, we have chosen the following Heart Energy Statement:

A space for deconstructing the old to co-create and live in the infinite fields of possibilities in 2024 and beyond.

Here are four invitations to evolutionary leap as a leader 

  • Conscious Choice and Integrity

  • The Fields of Possibilities: Transformational Dynamics & Playfulness

  • #DragonflyMagic of Metamorphosis

First invitation

Are you Ready for your Conscious Choice in Integrity? Leap into your courage

Evolution takes us into more complexity, new consciousness, choice and courage to be bold and free to evolve. Revolutionary shifts and change often involve fighting and times of getting stuck and lost. Evolution is being in  Harmony with the cycles of nature, the cosmos and our own. In Spiral Dynamics, the Theory of Carol Graves, we find it is more about evolving in harmony with what is presented to us and how to raise our consciousness and energy in the harmony of evolution. In that, it becomes a conscious choice to evolve. Integrity here is not based on principles of morality or ethical theory, but in the resonance of the HEART, #HeartConsciousness, I AM Presence, Pure Consciousness, infinite and boundless Self, that Moojii and Ramana Maharshi refer to. The observer and the witness, but also the master, co-creator, author, and composer of the unmanifest. Integrity is also the Spiritual Wholeness and that unique sound that is whole.

The picture comes from my Intentional Integral Course, I studied Spiral Dynamics with the late Dr. John Cook

Evolutionary Leap into New Consciousness
The Choice to Flow and Evolutionary Leap

Second Invitation to

The Fields of Possibilities: Transformational Dynamics & Playfulness

When we leap into this evolution and its natural cycles we step into the mystery, unpredictable, uncontrollable and yet undeniable. At the same time, we leave the limitation of the mind, mindsets, paradigms, habits and the old cycle that is finishing anyway. Here we need courage to embrace these infinite fields and boundless possibilities. For many years, it was about understanding transactions, analyzing and leading from our "opinions". Transactional Analysis, the Theory, by Bernie still has its value, however, it is time for transformational dynamics - allowing the magic to unfold, in integrity. The other aspect here is being playful and light to embrace others and flow.

Are you ready to break free from enslavement, entrapment and entanglement to emerge into the cycle of this cosmos, earth and humanity?

Transformational Dynamics and Playfulness can take us into a dance and also the shift from homo sapiens to homo luminous into these infinite fields of possibilities as an evolutionary leader and leading light.

Third Invitation to

Your Inner Magic: Dare to make evolutionary leap as a leader within

Your Sage Within and the #Power of Self-Realisation.

It is said very often, that the magic lies within. It is an inside job. What is within?

Can you #access your inner magic? You may meditate, or you may have another technique. We can use here metaphors, like connecting to the inner sage, as we go within to observe and witness from the 'boundless consciousness'; we can see beyond and no longer fall victim to our Traumas and Dramas, our Fears and Attachments. It is here that Self-Realisation takes place to enter new octaves of consciousness and wholeness.

This happens in integrity and unlocks new horizons of understanding. An evolutionary leader with inner magic is really who is on his unique mastery and ready to guide others to theirs and invokes synergy.

Forth Invitation to

Dragonfly Magic of #Metamorphosis. Evolutionary Leap into the Mystery  

The Dragonfly in nature has a so-called incomplete metamorphosis. It comes out of the nymph, an insect that lived two years or more in the waters, a greek or river. The nymph comes out of the water and climbs up a tree to hang. It's not necessarily a safe undertaking, however, they do it until the dragonfly emerges. A truly evolutionary leap from a creepy insect in the water to an insect with amazing sight and flight.

Wonder what it takes to #flow in this new #complexity of consciousness?

Are you ready for your #DragonflyMagic?

Join us from May, 30th to June 2nd in the stunning Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

We created a space for you to make your evolutionary leap.

Providing transformational and experiential immersion and interaction in seminars, workshops, a treasure hunt, nature walks, a ceremony, movement and breath.

Holding that energy, where the connection to your senses can occur naturally for you, enables this evolutionary leap beyond your wildest dreams.

Find out more about how to make an Evolutionary Leap in this short video, where the team of Evolutionary Leader Retreat shares with you intimately their recipes to Evolutionary Leaping.

We care about your #Wellness and #Wellbeing, #Vitality and #Uniqueness.

Here to #Inspire and #invoke your evolutionary leap and the life-changing results you are taking home.

Four facilitators to inspire and ignite your creative vibes as an evolutionary leader, so you can take home the answers you have been looking for.

Are you serious about making that Evolutionary Leap as a Leader?

Let us know now.

You can register now for the free webinar on March 13th

Click here

Find out more here and register for Evolutionary Leadership Retreat in Jamaica, Blue Mountains

Evolutionary Leadership final Feb 292024
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Email us for your inquiry

or simply register here.

For your accommodation booking, ask me for more info about the four villas available.


What is the invitation that you hear most?

Please share in the comments

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