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Sound & Meditation Journeys


Welcome to Our

HeArt Shop

Here you can listen to and buy 

the Mystic HeArt of Cecie & Patrick bringing new horizons and value to your Life:

Sound Meditation Journeys

Audio Series

for Self-Actualiation, journeying within and beyond attuned to Ascension Archetypes 

Cecie´s HeArt


Choose what you resonates, make your ayni (exchange) and you will receive it in your email.  

Most Creative Productions are digital.  Custom Design is also available.

LightSpirit Quests - Audio Series

When Story Medicine meets LightSpirits and Sound, you can be sure transformation is in the AIR. 

A path of the Heart in Self Discovery, in your Space and at your Pace. 

Easy and simple. for Children and Adults alike 

A Story with Sound and 4-5 Classes to take you through.


Available in English, and some of them in German & Spanish.









Self-Discovery within and beyond 

Ascension Archetypes are now awakening and emerging. 

These Audio Series here give, you access to

Your emerging consciousness;  

 attuned to the Aquarian and the Age of LIGHT.


You will find:

Heart Harmonics, Activations, Ceremonies,

Sound Meditations and Living Medicine Guides. 

Setting free the Collective Consciousness Shift and

your Unique Collective Self. 


Attuning to AscensionArchetypes - Audio Serires

Sound & Meditation Journeys

Falling into your

Attuning to Consciousness Architecture.
Journeys, Activations & Meditations.

Patrick with flute.jpg
Choose yours!

Aufwachen zu Dir

Begleitete Klangreisen

Such Diens!

MysticalBliss Ascension Vibes

Awakening essentials journeys & 

Pacific Lights.

Choose yours!

Despertando en tu Corazón

Viajes de meditación guiados, con sonidos y armonías.

Elije el tuyo!

Cecie´s HeArt

Through the lenses of the heart, 

Cecie always experienced her world. 

The beauty and sacredness. The wonder of life. 

In colours and energy to paper and canvas, 

and with her gifted hands into the craft,

her eyes, take her to the beauty beyond, through photography and so much more. 


Life took her to business and education, but she has returned to her HeArt, 

reconnecting to the magic of music playing the drums, and a range of percussions, 


To weave harmony & love, light & peace for you to enjoy 

Paintings and her Sound, as well as 

Dreamcatchers, Suncatchers & Crafts, and whatever inspires her,


You can choose a physical or digital version. 

Or ask for a special creation. 

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