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Exploring Essentials of Evolutionary Leadership

Updated: Mar 2

Ready to allow your Self to be a Leading Light? A Journey to Your Mastery

By Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Ae s you open your heart it all happnes. Conscious Evolution
Exploring the Key Compoents of Evoluationary Leadership essentials

#EvolutionoryLeadership can take us through different lenses

Here, I want to take you into the worlds of Clare Graves, Barbara Marx Deepak Chopra and Stanley Chopra who have kind of started the movement and there is even a theory to tune in. I am also offering a series of blogs, this is the first as an invitation; to enjoy evolutionary leadership as a philosophy, the love for practical wisdom (Phronesis) taking us beyond the limitations we feel and leap into the infinite fields of possibilities and even the impossible

In, this case the lenses are not just mine, I am also weaving the lenses and spaces of three others, as we are the team for the #Evolutionary #Leadership Retreat 2024 in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.

Let us find some common grounds and our lenses of evolutionary leadership.

How can we see evolution as evolutionary leaders?

Darwin does not resonate with me, I don’t look at nature from a perspective of survival of the fittest, neither as a concept for evolution nor the state of nature.

Spiral Dynamics and Clare Graves are more after my own heart. Graves’ ideas and theory of human evolution resonate much with me. He comes from psychology, but much more. Based on decades of research since 1952 he talks about how the psychology of human beings transitioned throughout time based on the increasing sets of complex life conditions. The fascinating part is too that he saw us, as humanity spiralling out into the Second Tier of Consciousness at this time, and that to me is where the magic is.  Ken Wilber, who developed from their, Integral Theory and a more philosophical stand sees a ChoicePoint for humanity spiralling down in consciousness and staying the domination and totalitarianism or to spiral and vibe up, as Graves saw it.

Yes, I see the Vibe UP as the ascension, new earth and shift into homo luminous.

I believe we are connected to the cycles and rhythms of the universe including this earth which is connected to our human evolution and Graves's findings.

Hence, at this time we are at the end of one cycle and coming into another, Astronomy and Astrology support this, yes my preference is evolutionary Astrology, indigenous prophesies and wisdom and part of science, like the new biology, Bruce Lipton, and others. I am sure you have your sources and favourites.

In conclusion, for me, evolution is about that new complexity of a time in harmony with the sacred cycles of the universe and earth together with humans into higher consciousness, connectedness and clarity in complexity.

Authors, Co-Creators. Collaborators of a new Symphony or Slaves, Followers and Actors of an old play.

Where are you?

Here are three crucial questions to know that you are ready for Evolutionary Leadership.

1. Can you imagine what it would be like to live and lead without fear?

2. Are you looking for answers to the questions you can’t answer?

3. Do you really dare to make this evolutionary leap as a leader?

Can you imagine to enjoy Evolutionary Leadership?

Some Voices of Evolutionary Leadership

Here are some others we share the space with and yet we are here to make our own shine in the infinite fields of possibilities of Evolutionary Leadership

There is much space in Evolutionary Leadership. The two most prominent are based in Darwin's perspective, the other one in Conscious Evolution around Deepak Chopra and Diane Williams. We are not part and yet resonant with Conscious Evolution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, often referred to as the ‘mother of conscious evolution’, says:

Evolutionary leaders are willing to not only shift the paradigms in which they operate but to blow them up and create new ones. Don't believe in individual heroics. They know they need the hearts, minds, and commitment of everyone on the team.

Three traits of Evolutionary Leadership inspired by Stanley Deepak

Stanley Deepak compares the transformation from a person into a leader through the 3 traits of the Butterfly, I share my twist. A written dialogue.

1. Magnanimity                                                                                  

A caterpillar makes a conscious choice to struggle in the cocoon so we can see its beauty as a butterfly. What do we magnify when we a team make that choice to become a butterfly and leave the cocoon? As a man of appreciative inquiry, let us look at what works, what we can dream, how we can design it and how to let it fly.

2. Manifestation

A Caterpillar feeds to be prepared to manifest its future. We often question how they know. My stand is they understand their divine consciousness and intelligence and evolve naturally.

As leaders, Stanley Deepak says we can do the same in a team to feed them with the knowledge to become the butterflies of the future.

For me, we connect them with their magic to become butterflies so we may collaborate and co-create together.

3. Memoir

In a butterfly's life, the evolution takes 4-6 weeks, from there they live 1-12 months. And still, they do it to make this lasting memoir for us and the memoir of their joy.

As evolutionary leaders in our memoir, we leave as leading lights, no matter if it is a team, a company, thought leadership, other leaders, or leadership for society, leading the current metamorphosis to homo luminous and higher consciousness. Legacy and Memoir do count.

How can we part in this? What is our role? What is the light you shine?

My favourite Metamorphosis is the #DragonflyMagic. I will share with you in the next blog on evolutionary leadership.

Evolutionary Leaders are ready to

  • make this evolutionary leap as a leading light

  • Break the old with compassion

  • Deconstruct the old paradigms

  • Co-create a new world (earth) with new paradigms, results and directions

  • Lead from integrity in harmony with the heart, courage and vision: conscious, accountable, clear and wise

  • Leap into the infinite fields of possibilities

We have created an energy statement for you and us for this Retreat.

Energy Statements come from Appreciative Inquiry and the Aboriginals they call Heart Statement.

Our Heart Energy Statement for Evolutionary Leadership

"A space for deconstructing the old to co-create and live in the fields of possibilities, 2024 and beyond".

Are you ready to enjoy Evolutionary Leadership with us and get your unanswered questions from within?

Stay tuned for more and see you in Jamaica, Blue Mountains May 30th - June  2nd

Here is the Link to enrol.

We love to share this magic with you and you.

You can also register for our Free Webinar here

Much love From my heart to yours.

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