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The Chakana as a symbol for connection and transformation

Chakana School 

Stay stuned for  SUMMER SCHOOL from 12/12/2023. immerse and unlearn, to explore and emerge. 
Classes co-creative and profound. Ceremonies to take you beyond. Courses to graduate and shine.  Evolutionary leap and shift 



We translate & transpose keys, codes, signs and vibes to ignite your spark and heart to remember, learn and graduate. 

You can start your class, ceremony or course anytime, as we find a mutually suited time.   

  face-to-face, virtual. blended.  


Immerse in your Magic and Heart to shift to homo luminous, Enjoy one faculty or mix what calls. 

Emerge to your New Earth's Leading Light, Dream Authors, and Ascension Archetypes with our own courses 

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Join the Chakana School Community 

With opening the faculties there are options for students and alums 


Stay tuned while this is unfolding.


The Heart Choir of Consciousness Architecture will be here, Beyond Munay Ki Facilitators +++ 

There will be special Ceremonies and Events available just for members. 

Please register your interest to join and be a part. 


Fill in the form below, to get you on board.  

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