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Beyond Methodology


Menu, Magic, & Maps

to be part of the Shift,

Aquarian Age, Consciousness Evolution. 

Are you ready to sync through Heart? 

The Menu can include: 

Ceremonies, Meditative & Transformational Experiences, Rites & Actications are all created and facilitated in the unique Sound & Voice, Zing & Harmonics of the Sonic Sonqos. Attuned to YOU,

Your uniqueness & wholeness 

The Magic: 

A synergy of shamanic vibes & non-duality, mystic & cosmic, philosophy & psychology, language & art experiential & deep (un)learning, activations, and sound & meditative states for your unique Harmonic Resonance and choice. 

The Maps to break and make.  Meeting you at these Access Points to journey together 

Access Point 1: Conscious Awakening: What is your inquiry & need?  Your map to Conscious Choice. 

Access Point 2: Heart:  Who are you beyond?  Healing & Graduating. Your map to Harmonic Resonance in Wholeness.

Access Point 3: Destiny: Stepping up to your Potential.  Your map to bring your Soul's Quest, Your Heart's Song, and Blessing to play and light. 


Chakana School 

The door is open to the impossible in YOU.  Mystic HeArt of Education.

 A Practical Wisdom, (Phronesis ) School, based in the Chakana, and its sacred 3s and 4s, the Cosmos and LOVE. 

Sonic Sonqos, are conduits of  LIGHT, to take you, to your Treasures and Zenith, within and beyond.


Blessed to bring through: Consciousness Architecture & Ascension Archetypes. 

GoldPrints, Compass, Keys and Anchors for New Eart,h, 5 D, homo luminous, in the Light & Vibe of  Aquarian Age. 

Enjoy boundless Access to new octaves and horizons beyond Consciousness, your Presence & Collective Self. 


Are you ready to dare to embrace your unique wholeness together? Let's chat. 

Find below how you can experience, embrace, embody and heartsync. 

ChoicePoint Resonance 

Inquire and enrol


Ready to be part of your unique ways to transform, evolve, and upgrade? 

For your team or group, your business or endeavours.  

Ready fort he Journey. 

You know this is your space, your Heart Zone, your School. 

The Chakana School connects and serves, researches and designs, facilitates and initiates to make space for YOU, uniquely and collectively. 

You may be 

  • Curious and Courageous and ready for Conscious Business & Life from and through Heart 

  • Leaders from all fields 

  • simply YOU who hears the voice in your HEART  

on any of the three Access Points


Options to join the Chakana School Community 

Get your free 

15 min Call to join 

A  space of lightness and openness from the HEART with Zeal and Zest to Your Zenith. 

You are happy in a Virtual or Blended space to experience!

From 1 -12 participants, intuitive research and consulting, here in the School. 

You enjoy Self-Discovery at your own pace and in your space! 

Find Audio Series & Sound Meditation & Journeys in the  Shop to buy. 

Your calling is  Retreats & Journeys,  for the face2face magic and wonders with the Sonic Sonqos, mostly in Lamas, Peru or other sacred places. 

Ready to get to know the Sonic Sonqos in Public Classes,  free or for exchange in Events

Sound available recordings of past events in Sources.

Feel also free to check out videos on our YouTube Channel 

Are you on a Personal Quest and Journey for Business or Life, Consciousness or Wholeness?

Enter the space of the Privates

Ready?  Fill in the form to get your free call and get you on board.  


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