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Chakana School 

A School of Wisdom 
Inter-Dimensional, Inter-Galactic, Inter-Cultural

A Mystic Portal & Link to the Infinite and Unmanifest Source. 

A perpetual Well of Phronesis, (sacred & practical Wisdom) of the Heart, Aquarius, Earth

attuned to Pure LOVE, Pure Potential, Pure LIGHT.  

UnLearning, Transformation, Remembering, Shifting & Transcending, 

to journey through the old into the new dimensions

Sharing the Elements of Consciousness Architecture, Source Wisdom & Sound to enlighten your path, work, mission & worlds 

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Join the Chakana School Community 

As an Alumni, you qualify to be part of our Community.  

Stay tuned while this is unfolding.


The Heart Choir of Consciousness Architecture will be here.

There will be special Ceremonies & Events available just for members. 

Please register your interest to join and be part. 


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