Welcome to

Chakana School 

Journey with the Sonic Sonqos on the Chakana

into the Worlds of Consciousness and the Sacred 3s and 4s.  

HeartSynced Methodology, Menu, Spices & GoldPrint 

are from Sonqos´ own Consciousness Architecture 

The Chakana provides the Compass and Maps on your Soul`s Quests

to bring your blessing to light and voice, to play and poise. 

Learning Experiences to take you beyond

with Sound, Meditation, Ceremony & more. 


You can journey 

1 - 2  participants on a private journey, or

3 -11 on a collective journey. 


Connect to the EVENTS  to see what is upcoming, or

 contact Sonic Sonqos to arrange your journey. 

How you can experience, embrace, embody and heartsync. 

Keys to be here 

Heartsynced  Menu, Magic, Methodology & Maps to journey 

The Sonic Sonqos are excited to meet you in your world to explore how you can be the Blessing you have come to be on your unique Heartsynced Ascension Journey. 

All Chakana Journeys come from the HEART of Consciousness and are designed to break free and attune to homo luminous.  


The Chakana provides the space beyond current Understanding,  World and Matrix consciousness. Beyond mind and body, and yet together to Consciousness Architecture. (C)

Pure Heart Consciousness. Human Experience. Intergalactic Connection. 

Main Menu 

Beyond Munay Ki, ChoicePoint Consciousness or LightSpirit Quests are a click away.  And MORE. 

All can be public programs, a Private Journey for 1-2, or Your Group or Team. 

Please register your interest in the EVENTS page  

Events have their own Menu of free and events for exchange. 

In the Retreat Menu, you can put together your own Retreat/Holiday mainly in Lamas/Peru with the Sonic Sonqos. 

Virtual Journeys

just apply 

your enrolment is 

a click call away 

Taking learning and unlearning beyond Experiences to find your resonance and truths in your HEART. ChoicePoint Love. Beyond Forgiveness & Pure Consciousness.  

Pedagogy of the Heart, classes  &  interactive lecture, Sound & Meditation, Ceremonies +++, as well as private sessions/coaching for unique integration.     

interactive, participatory, and linked to your situation, context, and your world to connect to open up the space of I AM and detach from the stories, dramas, traumas, etc that hold in the Mind/Body Matrix. 

The Chakana School has a Menu;

Relational Rhythms & Magic with three Dancing Journeys into wholeness over a month 

Consciousness Architecture with four Transformer Journeys over a month 

Beyond Horizons Lectures as it flows. 

The Spontaneous and Unexpected, as all others what make the Sonic Sonqos' Heart sing. 

Consciousness Architecture Intuitive Research & Consulting. 

Click EVENTS to find out how you can get on board. 


Relational Rhythms & ConsciousnessArchitecture 

by application 

Ready to step beyond? Ready to take a break to break through? 

Relational Rhythms & Magic (c) Journeys take you into your sacred relationship with three levels of SELF and find the rhythm and magic.  Furthermore to beloved, profession & business, nature, spirit & Source/God.  for you own the design is unique to you and your inquiry 


The four journeys will be attuned to exquisite value and breakthroughs for you. 


Consciousness Architecture (c) Journeys take you to the ART of your Whole Beyond, giving you Keys to unplug from what holds the rollercoasters and wheels, so you can unlock All of You, including your GoldPrint. The Praxis gives you the grit and grounding to Be the Consciousness Architect in all your Fields. Your Business & Community, Your Self, and the Consciousness of New EARTH  

Eight Months full Transformer Journeys once a year.

Four journeys, each one for a month

Connect or Chat with the Sonic Sonqos to get you on board.  The Time is NOW. 


by invitation 

virtual or blended

Beyond Munay Ki


Share the LOVE

 Medicine Artists 

Consciousness Architects

Delighted to invite you so you can share the love & uniqueness and Choice, HeartSynced.  

Many of our clients are called into Apprenticeships to be ChakaRunas: women and men as a Bridge into New Earth, Light & Choice for All,

Others are preparing to Pillars of LIGHT for a new EARTH. and how to be of service to the Age of LIGHT. 

Graduated Apprentices can be part of Sonqos´Words Tribe & Community. 

An Apprenticeship includes a wide range of unique learning experiences. 

As an apprentice, you also learn how to walk firmly on your path and grow into homo luminous in your own Presence.  

usually 2 - 5 participants.

Apprenticeships can be 

Beyond Munay Ki Facilitator 

Consciousness Architect or Sound, Spirit & Story Medicine Artist  


Prerequisite: you have received the rites and integrated them. 


Learn how to give the rites in your unique way. 

Get initiated into the Mastery of the Munay Ki. 

There may be extras you may feel called to enrich your own Munay Ki: 

Can be Shamanic Journeying, Soul & Destiny Retrievals, Ceremonies, and others.


Your graduation is the design of your own unique Beyond Munay Ki Course,

ready to take to your world and teach it. 


Prerequisite: completed programs with the Sonic Sonqos. 


LightSpirit Medicine Arts includes the medicine of story, spirit, 

sound and meditative states. 

You will graduate with your own production to share the love. 

Connect or Chat with the Sonic  Sonqos to unlock your Apprenticeship