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The horizons of a Unique Retreat in the Sanctuary of the Heart

 The Magic of Slow-Pace Retreats

Slow down to the Rhythms of Nature & Harmony.  Lift your senses and spirit to your Uniqueness.

Marvel in the Unique Zenith Experiences & Presence, Magical Nature Connection and Immersion,

Mystical Intelligence Revealed, Sound and Linguistic Bridges to your Evolve Self.

Make Living from the Heart, your Unique Choice, your Poise and Rhythms.


NO Plant Medicine. 

A Journey to Your True Self

Immersive, Intimate, and Illuminating!

Our retreats are here to provide you a Bridge to cross over to you; a Key to unlocking your Unique Self, Sacred Expression, Vitality,
Self Healing Journey, and your new relationship with Self in harmony; a Light that shines on your path to see beyond what holds,
lift the heaviness and density into light and see beyond the darkness, hopelessness, fear, drama, +++
At home, in Lamas, San Martín, we offer these retreats to locals, travelers, and those who come to us.
They are for 1-4 participants, individuals or couples.
We are open to receiving you when it suits you, just give us 4 days to prepare your Unique Small Retreat Experience
to immerse and emerge.
We promise to be with you until you can take the experience home to Your True Self and Life.
Some retreats offer you a praxis and or a map to integrate your experience at home.

Our Retreats include:
A welcoming Cacao Ceremony on the first night to open your heart for every retreat. 
Zenith Experiences, ceremonies, initiations,  movement & breath, meditations, sound & frequencies by us, +++
Nature connection and immersion
2 meals per day, plant-based and prepared by us.
Airport Transfer Tarapoto - Lamas - Tarapoto
All retreats give you Access to Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice, and you become part of
Weaving a Bridge to New Earth & Heart Consciousness together.
Explore our
Retreat Choices below, and feel what resonates in you.
Connect to us to make time for a Synergy Call to book your retreat, here in Lamas or
by request in another location, in Peru or outside of Peru.


Dance with your
Heart-Fire to Your Self

Can you imagine you have a choice 

to shift and evolve to Your Unique Self?

Do you wonder what is missing in your life?

Do you feel out of your Integrity and Truths?

You are ready to listen to your Heart and unlock the Fire within you to Access Living from the Heart: 

Your Unique Choice.

You want to make an Evolutionary Leap into

the New You.

You are tired of fitting in where you don’t fit.

You are ready to dance to YOU with your Heart-Fire.

Heart-Fire Retreat.jpg
IMG_2382 2_edited_edited.png

Beyond Munay Ki

Can you imagine to access your heart and the homo luminous in you?  

Munay Ki means I love you (me) or the Power of LOVE.  

It is a Shamanic Path of Enlightenment from

the Q’eros in Peru.

The Munay Ki calls you into a deep connectedness (harmonic state of being) with Spirit and Energy into the Worlds of the Heart.

Are you ready to receive and nurture these 13 rites?

You will enjoy the magnificent and unique rites of passage, that weave a new tapestry of your energy and vibration.

As you are cultivating these rites at home you are stepping into harmony, connectedness, wholeness, vitality, and trust of your homo luminous.

You will take on the Roles of the Enlighten Ones in your world.

Silent Retreat

Self-inquiry and discovery-based in
Advaita Vedanta, Heart Awakening, Cosmic Consciousness, Shamanic Medicine
and Nature.

Is it time to retreat into Nature and Silence?
Do you feel that the busyness of life, the noise,
the confusion is getting too much?
Your head never stops thinking.
You long for harmony and silence.
You want to connect to You within and your heart.
You are ready to listen, connect, and relate to that
True Self and the Heart within.

From 2 nights / 3 days

Opening the Space to Consciousness Architecture

The Power of Your Conscious Choice to Your Vitality

Can you imagine to access your boundless vitality with the Power of your Choice?

Do you feel tired or exhausted?

Are you disconnected and caught up in your life that no longer seems to make sense?

Do you experience an identity crisis and lack of energy and passion?

Do you struggle and break under pressure and ascension energies?

Do you feel your mental health is struggling?

It is time for you to align your body, mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony, vitality, lightness, and peace.


Let's bring joy and fun into your life.

Take home the taste and ingredients on how you can be

vital with your choice.

From 2 nights / 3 days

Retreating to You

Can you imagine to set free to Your?

You may suffer from burnout, disconnectedness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, +++
Do you have enough?
Are you ready to evolve, let go, and heal?
Do you want to deepen your experience, pre or post-plant medicine diets, and bring value on your journey?
It is time for your inner medicine, with the power of sound, nature, heart, and language, to embrace you.
This is a safe and sound place to truly unite with your heart and soul to move on.

From 2 nights / 3 days
We always recommend an online integration package.

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Our Retreat Venue in Lamas, Peru - 2024

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