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Updated: Feb 16

Four access codes to the

wisdom of your new extraordinary YOU

By Patrick A. Sonqo

For many of us, it is clear - something needs to go. It is possibly your old version, the one that struggled and coped, blended in and complied to hide.

The current energies, however, don’t allow us any more to stay in hiding, escape or ignorance.  Since the Grand Portal of Heart Awakening opened, on January 27th, 2024, I talk to more people every day and it is somewhat the same, we are ready to break, deconstruct and let go, of whatever it is that holds up to cross over that Bridge of the HEART to our new version, that extraordinary YOU.

Many of you have been on this journey to You for a long time and yet, this is a new level a new dimension, a new game in higher octaves and zeniths of the Heart. There is no more running and hiding. The heart is calling, actually everyone. It is now where the timelines meet, and the heart opens. You are aware and you may need a hand, a hint, a community.

The more I speak to fellow practitioners, lightworkers, ascension archetypes, starseeds, leading light, transformation catalysts, and even those who have been hiding - the message is the same. Something is shifting, I can’t continue like this. You may call it a spiritual burnout that takes us into the Grand Awakening of the Heart and HeartConsciousness.

Yes, me too, for about 20 years, I was happily blending in and pretending. And surely it was ok until now. Last year when we got the Operating System Heart for our #HomoLuminous it was clear I could not continue this way. The mismatch was just too big. Although I have always been a man of the heart, yet, I did not come out completely. This shift, this portal can not be denied, and even I was surprised how much comfort I kept over time.

Where do you resonate? What are you ready for?

You may connect to your LightWorker Codes, Ascension Archetypes, StarSeeds and anything like a metamorphosis, #DragonflyMagic of the HEART.

This is the HeartAwakening. And it is now, a portal opened for us for the next two years. If you are called now, let’s go. There are new ways to make that evolutionary and quantum leap to the HEART.

You may require one or all of these five access codes to #HeartAwakening.

It will be clear to you. They are not in any order, it is for you to find your priority and call.

There is surely an upgrade and update for all of us. Access codes of HeartAwakening also bring us Phronesis (practical wisdom of the HEART.

Are you ready?

Access Code 1: How to connect to the #HEART?

It seems to be clear it all starts here: Reconnect to the HEART. It is essential to come into the heart again. The first step is to open the heart again, beyond the pain and fear. The lenses of Rumi, spiritual masters like Ramana Maharishi, indigenous wisdom or the Little Prince to see through the eyes of the Heart can trigger the opening of the Heart and take us into what makes our heart sing and how we can dance to the Rhythms of the Cosmos, Earth and our heart and be safe and sound and embodied. Our first online program has that name: Reconnect to the HEART to address this longing in all of us and the urgency to come back into the heart at this time. The almost overwhelming mystery and magic that unfolds from the access to freedom and wisdom from this Heart Connection is exhilarating and takes us on a quantum leap into our new Version of SELF - #HomoLuminous - extraordinary You in new earth on a path and journey to mastery and soon a journey of mastery. Join us.

Find out more here

Access Code 2: : How to make that evolutionary Leap

Make that evolutionary leap into your Mastery and leading light. The cosmos is guiding us and in a way forcing us with great charge: vibration, energy, frequencies, light and shifts to make sure we make this leap. As leading light, we are called into mastery and it is very much about making this evolutionary leap. Any leap is a leap of faith into the mystery and surely beyond our conditioned homo sapiens mind, especially the associated left brain. This evolutionary leap is a different horizon of breaking our comfort and programs, a deconstruction of identity, ego and persona, yes it is a bit of a spiritual endeavour.

The human us is transitioning and transforming through higher complexity, as we are awakening and healing the separation we have lived, struggled with and suffered for about 4000 years on the planet. It is not an easy undertaking.

Your journey of mastery and leadership is

evolutionary, metamorphic and life-changing, deconstructing the old to co-create the new in harmony with all that we are. Yes, it is also about leading from the Heart, not emotional, but with emotional intelligence, integrity and courage.

We have also heard this call and co-created an #EvolutionaryLeadershipRetreat with two experts, Rev. Michele K. Synegal and Elizabeth Terry. We have dreamt it into being and you can join us May 30th - June 2nd in the stunningly beautiful Blue Mountains. Again there are many ways to make that evolutionary leap of mastery and leadership.

Feel free to check out our retreat. Register and ask us for more details.

Access Code 3: Ready for your HeartFire?

When I heard the story by Kim Kindersley about the name for Heart and  Fire being the same in one Aboriginal language in Australia, it was so clear to me. We have learned and unlearned so much. We have broken and raised our consciousness. We have seen into our fears and shadows. We learned how to manifest. I have been activating HeartLights and Rhythms, Songs and Rhythms for many years, and yet the Fire often gets lost. We all want to be so zen. The Story about heart and fire being one word also refers to the whales. So much to yet discover, rekindle and unlock. The Heart Fire is a different aspect of our journey of mastery. Yes, a metaphor What does fire do for you? Generally, it stands for divine passion, igniting and all-embracing love. The shamanic meaning takes us into the element of purifying and cleansing. The energy of transformation and rebirth, The fire of Spirit is reality. The natural cycle that takes away what is old and overgrown, is the fastest way to release. Fire is seen as a divine, living and spiritual energy that keeps us connected and I believe it is in the Heart - it is Heart Fire.

It is not a surprise that we were guided

to create and offer a Retreat Series

Rekindle your #HeartFire: Codes & Keys

of Heart Creation.

Stay tuned for its manifestation in Peru to kick off, in Jamaica and Ibiza at this stage. Let’s see what wants to unfold.

There will be a total of seven retreats 4 participants, 4 days and 33 days of

integration from the end of March till the end of July.


In the 33 days, you will also receive a private master class and a great

Gathering in August with all participants.

You can already express your interest. Fill out the form below and write


Access Code 4: There is a Bridge to cross over to the HEART,
which I call ChakaRuna Sonqo. #ChakaRuna in Quechua means a woman or a man as a bridge. When I heard about ChakaRunas in my Shamanic Studies, I was clear, I was one. However, the total unfolding would take another 16 years. We can not jump cycles we can not be on a journey and be out of the sacred rhythms of it all, or as we say in Jamaica, nothing happens before time. Although timelines and stepping out of time were accessible on many levels, it is different now, it is in the flow and almost easy to access the wisdom that takes us within.

Find a #HeartBridge, #ChakaRunaSonqo to cross over and live your new life from the Heart in #newearth. At the moment we are in the process of creating a subscription or membership for those who are ready to cross over.

Ask if you are drawn to this space we allow look for practitioners who step up to co-facilitate and share in this space.

What a joyful exploration of evocation to follow the call of the HEART.

See you there

From my heart to yours

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