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Are you ready for the ChoicePoint?

Blog & Truths September and October 2023 - Part I

We are in this together. This is for sure.

These are the dominant questions for all of us. There is not one answer.

Let it sync, let it flow, and dare to be true to your unique wholeness.

The cosmos is supporting and inspiring our journey of awakening, ascension into new earth and homo luminous.

The last new moon and a few more to come. Jupiter is in Retrograde, Pluto is opposite the Moon. The Lunar Nodes are still riding their magic.

The eclipse season is on the way.

Clearly, the shift of frequencies, consciousness and dimension is pronounced.

We may still struggle and fight, escape or freeze, fawn or suffer.

While it gets easier, it does take effort. No matter where you are, we are not done yet.

As long as we breathe in this body, the tests, the upgrades, and the compassion are still crucial.

Uniquely and Collectively.

It may sometimes seem like we are on a rollercoaster, trying to jump off the lower frequencies, the lower dimensions and the matrix. At the same time, it is possible to view the world and our experience from our 5th dimensional lenses.

It is a time of Karmic ChoicePoints, stepping off the Akashic Records and Karma Wheel into the Halls of the Amenti.

Our Higher Soul is waiting to be unlocked and unified.

We are self-realizing more:

  • The Coping mechanisms that seal and cover our true pain,

  • The Resilience rubber band that is breaking,

  • The Illusions are fading

The States of Consciousness can fluctuate.

Be patient, it does get easier.

What stays is being true to you.

David Hawkins's Stairways to Enlightenment reflects very well where we are at.

Here is how his concept inspires me.

Horizons & Frequency, States and Lenses of Consciousness

Languaging & Wisdom from the Heart (Patrick A. Sonqo-Talumewu)

​Horizons & Frequency




Source &

Source Fractal

Higher the 12th dimension

Nothingness & Allness


I AM Presence

12th dimension




5th dimension +

Homo Luminous OS Heart Ascension



4th dimension


Fight & Flight

Duality & Separation

3rd dimension

Illusions & Delusions

Freeze & Fawn

Survival & Suffering

3rd dimension

Homo sapiens OS Mind

Drama Roles

(Inspired by Dr. David Hawkins. Staircase to Enlightenment)

Can you experience it all? Can you shift the frequencies? Where is your centre point?

Love to dialogue with you.

We are called into Embodying and Healing at this time.

The Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra, and right now with the Goddess in Virgo.

Where does the ChoicePoint come in

Are you seeing through the veils?

A Karmic Collective and Unique ChoicePoint.

Do you Know? Are you conscious?

We live in a time of

Extinction and Evolution

Collective Awakening

Aquarian Ascension

New Earth and Rebirthing of Earth

End of the Piscean Age

Old structures breaking.

Growing back the divine feminine wing of humanity as we know it

Coming back into the relationship with the Sacred.

Are you in it, out of it or trying to get out?

Technocratic Totalitarianism, as Matias Desmet explains and researches it.

Manufacturing Consent, as Naom Chomsky calls the journey of the media

Health Crisis, Propaganda and Agendas

Lies. Fear. Illusion. Delusion. Total Control

The 3 and 4 D Matrix and States of Being:

Suffering, Duality, Drama, Power

Mass Psychosis and Manipulated Climate Change

Exploitation. Domination.

Do you put your energy in?

Do you choose?

Vital Shifting from Homo sapiens to #homoluminous

Truths and Ascension

New states of Consciousness, Beingness, Wholeness and Presence

Schumann Frequencies and Light Quotient

Higher Frequencies and Illumination

Compassion and Love

Are you feeling

Confused and Overwhelmed

Entrapped, Enslaved and Entangled.

Traumatized and Caught up in busyness, the State of being busy

Where are you?

ChoicePoint is now

Not fighting

Not escaping

Not freezing

Not fawning

Let us serve, support and guide you, so we can do this together

Experience the magic to #SelfRealize in #states of #Wholeness

Immerse in your magic to shift to #homoluminous

Emerge to your #AscensionArchetypes to shine, and serve.

Support and illuminate the world

How we serve you now.

Blog & Truths September and October 2023 - Part I

We create and share

#Music #Languaging #Wisdom from the Heart for #♥️Conscious Living

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Much love into your World

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