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Exploring what happens when you let Your Mind fall into your HEART

Updated: Mar 7

Weaving a #NewEarth #Tapestry of Life

by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

free your mind and fall into your heart
Exploring what happens when you let your mind fall into your heart

In Advaita and #SelfRealization, we find many records of how people experience that moment when the ego and mind enjoy the heart’s embrace.

Self-Realization is that point where we start understanding the 5th-dimensional realms and beyond, which is very relevant for #NewEARTH living and of course the idea of Ascension. Dr David Hawkins created the Stairways to Enlightenment.

Check it out here and how it can relate to your Mind and Ego in your Heart. While Self- Realization is your #uniqueness, we are also in it together with the Grand #Awakening of the #Heart.

Let your mind fall into your Heart
DR David Hawkins Stairway to Enlightenment

Yes, It can be a moment of fear, panic, surrender, total trust. It is a mystic experience. It can be a moment or process of the mind falling into the heart.

This is not about shifting from rational to irrational or to emotional control of Self. Homo sapiens, men and women of the mind, often fear to loose their power and control. This is about making that leap into the unknown, to truly connect to our wholeness. As we are shifting into Homo Luminous, it does get easier. As we are getting cosmic support it is possible.

As, Mooji often says, it does not mean you don’t live your life or no longer use your mind or brain. It also does not mean you no longer think at all.

For a long, self-realization was only for gurus and those who could meditate all night long in remote places. This has changed with the end of the cycle, 4000 years but also 12.000 years processional cycle. We are here to learn the lessons and ascend. No matter in what scriptures you look, in what prophesies, indigenous wisdom and astrology. It is called different names but essentially it all harmonies with the Aquarian Ascension. We are now able to make that leap into the heart.

Let’s explore!

Three Lenses what happens when you let your Mind fall into your Heart

Often there is a sense of #rediscovery and #remembrance when we come into this awareness. Yes, it is your choice.

For many of us, we do have that sense of heart-centeredness in our chest, a bit to the right, not the Heart Chakra.

The Struggle, fear and control of ego try to avoid, but once, both ego and mind settle into the heart - it is just all peace. There are more than three ways, but I am happy to share with you these three.

  • #Advaita Vedanta Lenses and Wisdom

  • #Shamanic Wisdom and the Munay KI

  • My Lenses and Sight, Reconnect to the Heart, and HeartFire.

You may ask, why would I want to do that?

You can also ask, what would I do it FOR?

1. Advaita Vedanta and let your mind fall into the HEART

According to the Advaita teaching, the Heart is referred to as the Seat of Jnanaam, or the granthi, the knot of ignorance. It is said, that it represents a tiny hole that was shut, as the mind drops into that hole and it opens forever.

It is said that when this tiny hole is shut, it is in a dense darkness of ignorance with a deep desire to open up. It is waiting for this moment when the mind and heart fall in. Interesting, all major nerves are connected with this point. A place that is also called the home of breath, mind and the light of consciousness (from Baghavan’s translations into Tamil of Ashtanga Hridayam and Ullado Narpadu Anubatudham). I feel very blessed to have explored the work of Ramana Maharshi and even enjoyed a 10-day silent retreat dedicated to letting my mind fall into my heart. Although I knew I was a man of the #heart before, I found it still a big leap to learn about this way and fall deeper.

This is what is happening. How you experience letting your mind and ego fall into your Heart is unique to you.

Of course, Mooji comes out of the Ramana School and equally brings that #magic. I enjoy Mooji's #meditations to remind me.

2. #Shamanic #Wisdom, the Munay Ki to let your mind fall into the HEART

The Munay Ki, I love you, and the Power of LOVE comes from the Q’ero shamanic teachings, brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villodo and others. I have been sharing the Munay Ki for 18 years and created my own, Beyond Munay Ki with 13 rites of #initiation. The classic Seer’s rite activates that same tiny hole and activates with tapping, so we can remember and reenforce the lines between the heart, the visual cord, the mind and the third eye. While here it is not exactly the mind falling into the heart, metaphoric it is the same. We reinstall the lines again, that once connected us to the tiny hole, the Heart.

With the daily praxis of tapping and meditation, the connection is reinstalled, and the mind falls into the heart and opens. This is recommended for 2-3 months, as it is a process, as in Advaita. This is also called Heart Awakening.

If you follow me, you know I write a lot about the Grand #Awakening of the Heart, it is even our line under Sonqos’ Worlds. The portal opened on January 27th, 2024 and will be open until March 3, 2026, so there are two years to step through.

As we are stepping through, we have the support to let our mind fall into our HEART, reinstall the connection and awaken the heart and our divine wholeness and spiritual integrity.

More info about Beyond Munay Ki here

3. My #unique Lens: #Reconnect to the #Heart and #HeartFire to let your

mind fall into the HEART

When we embark on this journey to #Mastery, "The Mastery of Self", the tiny hole is activated too, and the “knot of ignorance” is dissolved, and the praxis begins through meditation and breath to fully open up. This is also related to our shift from homo sapiens, women and men of the mind with an operating systems mind, fear, separation and scarcity, to Homo Luminous with an operating system heart with LOVE, Reverence and Affluence.

We created our unique interactive online program, "Reconnect to the HEART" which includes three modules.

  1. Unleashing Your Heart’s Potential

  2. Igniting Your Heart’s Song

  3. Dancing to your Heart’s Rhythms

We ensure all graduate. We journey together and allow the process of the mind falling into the heart and so much more.

Join our program here. A pretty magical program to awaken the heart and start living from the heart. #NewEarth #heartliving.

Again, I want to make it clear there are other ways.

There is also our Retreat Season. “Rekindle the Heart”. A #NewEarth Key to your #Mystic #HeartFire and #HeartLiving.

We can see the #HeartFire as what flows out of the HEART. Some will come to their mind in the heart or their heart awakened and some will open up. We meet you where you are. As these retreats are with 4 participants or 4 couples, we can spend this time with you to get the process going.

More info about

Rekindle your HeartFire here

ReConnect to the Heart Online Program here

How does Your Mind in the Heart relate to Weaving a NewEarth Tapestry of Life?

When we live from the heart, we have the frequency and the dimension 5 or more to weave our #uniqueness into the NewEarth Tapestry of Life. You may also hear about the heart-centeredness of #Ascension - the same thing. All words in English ending in ness, are referring to what I call #HarmonicStatesofBeing, they are the evolution of identity and personality entrapment in the human drama, 3D and homo sapiens (you can also see this in Dr. Hawkins's stairways). #HarmonicStatesofBeing are signs you are free, choice, sovereign and unique in the collective, contributing and collaborating, creating and authoring together. So, yes it is here that you become a Heart and Cosmic #Author, but also a Wisdom and #EarthKeeper, an #Architect of HeartConsciousness to name a few. This is where you become an #AscensionArchetype with 15 chakras active in Harmony. This is where you truly enter #NewEarth and walk your truths in LOVE.

What shifts in our #Conscious & Mystic HeartLiving when you let your Mind fall into your HEART?

The Wisdom of Conscious and Mystic HeartLiving is living from the Heart with unwavering trust and truths self-realized and in your I AM Presence. Your unique contribution and HeArt is the magic of NewEarth. Your #Mystic #HeartFire is fully on.

Where are you or where do you traverse on Dr David Hawkins's stairways to enlightenment?

How does Conscious and Mystic HeartLiving work on your Ascension Path?

I leave this question for you.

What can you imagine shifts or is your mind in your Heart?

Let me know in the comments I am inviting you to be part.

Let us create together the Magic of conscious and mystic #heartliving.

Excited to co-create and explore with you.

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