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"Are You Truly Connected to Your Heart? 3 Signs to Look For"

By Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Did you find the magic link to your Heart?
Are You Truly Connected to Your Heart?

Yes, we are talking about the Grand Awakening of the HEART to HeartConsciousness.

However, it is not always easy to figure out where we are at. There are updates and upgrades. Yet it all starts by looking for signs to know that you are truly connected to your heart.

If the following 3 signs resonate and ring true to you, you are on the way. For all of us with this Grand Awakening of the Heart, we are just at the beginning.

As we are understanding more the question: Are you truly connected to Your Heart? More relevant, more vital and more essential now. For most of us, we are ready to reconnect to the HEART. It is the strongest message I am receiving now. There have been many times of doubt and confusion in my life. Challenges that pushed me back and took me away. Since, I am fully connected to my Heart, healing, evolution, ascension and self-realization happen almost naturally. It does not mean I stopped (un)learning, but I am progressing. Yes, it is still a conscious choice. It is still a praxis, but much easier. For the first time, I am sharing the magic and mystery with you.

My unwavering grit and creativeness is to be that bridge of the heart for you, so you can cross over into the HEART.

Let’s see what comes to you.

So, are you Truly connected to your Heart?

Where is your resonance? How far are you?

Let me know in the comments.

Sign 1
You found your CALM

No matter what happens, you know where to find your #Calm in your Heart easily. Once you have access to your HEART, as in the HeartPotential, your infinite #SELF, it is easy to get calm in any situation; you naturally observe where your thoughts, feelings and emotions take you, but you know you have a choice not to attach or identify. This is #Praxis, it becomes #natural after a while. You found your CALM in your heart. You can use your breath to connect. You can sense the strength, boundlessness, unwavering courage and trust in your heart, giving you confidence in the middle of challenges. That CALM of the Heart also takes you to your #cocreator and #author, #composer and #weaver of #newearth

The Access to your CALM is a clear sign that you are Truly connected to your Heart.

Sign 2
Your Connectedness is REAL

This is where it gets really interesting. Your #Heart connects you to YOU, your #Wholeness, your Spiritual Integrity, your #SourceFractal, your #Soul, your #Spirit and Soul Family.

It is here that the healing of separation happens.

It is here that you can embrace.

It is here that you feel resonance, beyond the physical.

The knowing of being connected gives you access to all of you, and all there is in harmony and sacred relation. You no longer have to cope and pretend, fight or fear. When you are connected through your heart, you no longer feel alone or needy. You are ready to make your #evolutionaryleap. When situations arise, you welcome them as a challenge to embrace. Note, not to tolerate or accept, but embrace with ease to transform and transmute.  As you are connected, the sense of longing and seeking goes, as you have what you are truly looking for.

You will also find you mature differently. The connectedness is oneness - you know you are united, you have an inner peace and presence. You live in #HeartConsciousness.

You real connectedness is the gift of being Truly connected to your Heart  

Sign 3
You know you CAN

I loved that saying in New Zealand - "Because I CAN". It signifies, that I can see facts, but they don’t limit me.

You are attuned to the Heart. No matter how tough it gets you bounce back.

No Coping

No Resilience

You simply remember who you truly are and that YOU CAN.

You have the access codes and keys to your Heart.

You are linked to the cosmos and earth symphonies.

You are synced to the natural cycles and rhythms of the cosmos and earth in your Heart.

You CAN attune and author your own Heart’s Song in Harmony.

You CAN access and dance to the Sacred Rhythms and Cycles of the Cosmos.

Do you have any of these signs?

Do you have a sense but lack of consistency?

Do you wonder how to access your heart?

All our Unlearning Possibilities are multidimensional. You can be on different levels of consciousness and yet, you will receive the update and upgrade that is for you. The Magic I have been gifted with. Even in the LightSpirit Quests, I have created. Story, Sound and Spirit Medicine Art - it is like that, whenever you listen, you get the Heart Update and Upgrade for you.

Thank undestructable knowing that you can is that key o being Truly connected to your Heart  

We have co-created the Worlds of the Heart - Sonqos’ Worlds is the place of #AscensionServices. The Grand Awakening of the HEART to #HeartConsciousness happens here.

There are obviously more signs. Let me know and check out our program: Reconnect to the Heart for more.

It is my purpose and mission to share with you how to #Reconnect to the #HEART and a few other things. However, it is the name of our first program.

online, interactive, immersive, illuminating program.

Ready for your unique updates and upgrades to be Truly connected to your Heart, perpetual, dynamic, unwavering and boundless.

Click here to explore more, enroll and invest in you, so we can welcome you soon.

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