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How to live from the heart in New Earth? The Heart's Role as Homo Luminous

Updated: Mar 15

Weaving a NewEarth Tapestry

Conscious & Mystic HeartLiving

Ascension & New Earth Vibes

By Patrick Yenga Sonqo

The Heart's Role as Homo Luminous
How to live from the heart in new earth?

We find many accounts giving us pointers that living in NewEarth is living from the heart in many traditions, wisdom and schools of thought.

So, yes it is time. Not just because I am a man of the Heart, or we run a space called the Worlds of the Heart (Sonqos’Worlds). We are also ChakaRunas, two bridges that guide you through your unique metamorphosis to rebirth in NewEarth as HomoLuminous - living in HeartCenteredness & Multidimensionality. We are also about the Grand Awakening of the Heart, the portal that gives all of us this choice to give us the frequencies and LightCodes to access.

Concepts of #newearth as shared by Dolores Cannon, and Eckhart Tolle. Ascension Vibes. Different kinds of Sharing and even in the bible, we always hear about living from the Heart, or even, the pure heart. HeartCenteredness is key to evolving to shift into the horizons, octaves and zeniths of consciousness. The question arises: How to live from the Heart on New Earth?

How will the Heart's Role unfold as Homo Luminous? Just to catch you up, homo luminous is the evolution of homo sapiens, ever so often the human race on this planet here shifts.

Some even talk about the Age of the Heart, taking us to the mastery of #HeartConnectedness, #HeartAwakening, #HeartConsciousness, #HeartFire, not just Pure Love.

Even leadership in NewEarth is said to be based on love and higher consciousness, accessing higher visions in harmony with nature and the cosmos. For some evolutionary leadership is Heart Leadership - for me too, leaders who live from the heart are new earth leaders.

For the earth in its entirety, I sense, not my feelings or my thoughts, but my heart, higher intelligence, remembrance and guidance tell me so, we can leap this time. We are at a time and in timelines here on earth, for the first time, that we can do it. Many civilisations before us, Lemuria and Atlantis, and the end of ages like Taurian, Aries or Piscean Age, that we are finishing now, could not make this shift, and yes, the key is the HEART.

Are you ready to explore with me what is the Heart's Role for NewEarth?

A role is a function that someone chooses to take or be a part in a play or movie.

The original French word takes to the ‘roule’, the roll of paper on which the part for the actor was written.

A role describes particular tasks, relations and expectations of a position.

So, metaphorically we could say, the heart has a role in this awakening, shifting and evolution and we have scripts written in our souls to access our hearts and play our part.

How to live from the Heart in NewEarth is still unfolding

Bear in mind, that I can’t fully understand this myself, I try my best to transpose and translate the messages and guidance. Transpose is about frequencies, and translate is about language. The Heart’s tasks, responsibilities, relations and even expectations are really to deliver Pure LOVE to us. It is about living in the consciousness of self-realisation and I Am Presence, but also Wholeness and all Harmonic States of Being and in the divine and perpetual rhythms of Harmony.

  • AccessPoint Heart

As we allow it our Heart takes us on this journey, firstly, unplugging from what separated us, not just from the Heart, but All. Secondly, unlocking where we remember and finally, uniting into the unique wholeness and collective oneness.

  • Home

It feels like a homecoming in the Heart and beyond our wildest dreams. It is still in the making. It is a remembering now to truly embody our Soul, True Self, Source Fractal in this live and body.

  • Embracing & Loving us

Our minds, our predicaments, our misconceptions, our illusions, our ignorance, our fears. Here is the true meaning of being found and the end of seeking. I understand this is where we can truly live from the HEAR in New Earth.

I am clear there are more, let’s see how it going to be revealed and unfold to all of us.

Remember, you can receive messages too, as you make this heart connection.

At the same time with the Heart’s Role for NewEarth, we receive our new scripts for the unchartered and unwritten to be woven and dreamt into being, authored and composed together.

What is your‘roule’ to live from the Heart in NewEarth?

What is the sacred script of your Heart to make that leap into #newearth and #unique #wholeness?

The script is not an instruction, but Keys and Codes, Seeds and Vibes to

remember, reconnect, rekindle and reset, to leap, lead, live, lighten up, learn and language to:

  • Remembering who you truly are in your unique wholeness.

In that remembering is also forgiveness and grace and the Harmonic States of Being.

Yes, this is the first time our remembrance allows us to embody it all and shift to #HomoLuminous from Homo Sapiens, alive in this body. This remembering allows us to live from the heart. #heartliving, #heartconsciousness #heartcenteredness. The remembrance is a Journey to mastery and then of mastery as we fully live in NewEarth, as #homoluminous in the 5th dimension and higher. It is not an illusion, it is happening and the signs are all here. The support from the cosmos keeps on streaming in.

Are you receiving? Do you dare? Are you ready?

  • Reconnecting to the #Heart so

Your Heart can take you back into the sacredness of all that you are, the infinite and finite.

Your Heart’s Song can be heard again for you and all.

Your Heart’s Rhythms are in Harmony and pure LOVE to dance.

Your HeartLight to shine.

Your Heart will unleash your unique magic as you reconnect

Yes, our program is not just a program, but a vital part of #heartliving in NewEarth. For #heartawakening and #heartconsciousness.

Excited to welcome you. It is not just videos and meditation but we walk with you all the way, reading and replying to your unique assignments, in the HeartAuthor Group and Live Gathering to connect and share as a community.

Please click here to get in

  • Rekindling Your HeartFire

Inspired by the Whales, as they have the biggest heart and an aboriginal language has one word for the Heart and Fire. I took that message to call this Retreat Season Rekindle your HeartFire. It is a quadruple HeartFire

See what I wrote about it in one of the related blogs.

Here we receive #NewEarth Keys for all four.  This is Life and Consciousness Changer and Breaker taking you fully into Heart, so you can enjoy #Heartliving fully and be that HeartAuthor you have come to be.

Check out the 4/4/33 magic of Rekindle your HeartFire and join us.

Please fill out the form here if you are serious about joining us, so we can get it rolling.

  • Resetting to the Heart: Godness, Sacredness, Harmony and Truths +++

Yes, there is a Reset, but the one you may have heard about. It is a reset back to the HEART, the Heart of Creation, Heart of the Cosmos and all.

I am not sure what this all entails yet, as it is being revealed to us. We get different pieces, so the synergy of the puzzle can be invoked. Remember it is our uniqueness that invokes synergy, our oneness and wholeness in NewEarth, Ascension and HomoLuminous.

Godness is a piece from my friend Mopua Cann in Hawaii and our recent podcast. Click here to see the podcast

Here is the Operation System Heart that I have been given, as part of my Architecture of HeartConsciousness, as part of the Homo Luminous GoldPrint. You can find OS Heart in Reconnect to the Heart and Rekindle your HeartFire in different levels. And yes, we have just begun to unlearn to tap into this magic.

Excited to be in this with you together. In chaos and turbulence, magic is at hand and unfolding.

Are you in the chaos or in the Magic of living from the Heart in NewEarth and what do your ‘roules’ bring you?


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