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Vital Well-being and Harmonizing. What does the Magic of your Heart say? 

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Vital Well-being and Harmonizing. What does the Magic of your Heart say?
The Rhythms of Vital Harmonizing

For a long time, I rejected the idea of Well-being and Wellness. Before that, I considered a PhD in Organizational Well-being, and then I felt the limitations.

The category of Wellness and fitness never caught me, many say now wellness is in an identity crisis. The commercial side did not excite me. However, we are all responsible for our Well-being and it should be vital.

I am referring more to Vital and Heart Harmonizing.

Vital has two meanings; one is essential, a key, crucial, and indispensable, and there is, vital as in lively, energetic, vibrant, zestful, and vigorous.

I like to see Vital as both essential and vibrant in regards to Well-being and Harmonizing.

Although I love the ness words, as a state of being and power, the commercial aspect of Wellness does not capture me.

Well-being in its wholeness and vitality has different aspects and is seen more as the result, while wellness is the pursuit. For me, it is more Wellness is a prescription and Well-being is your vitality.

In any case, I am clear about the dimensions of Well-being.

What makes Well-being vital and how to harmonize?

Some take us to these dimensions: emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial.  It is suggested the neglect of any of these dimensions over time will affect our health, well-being, happiness, and quality of life. I want to take this further, our well-being is also related to our connectedness, wholeness, presence, heart-centeredness, and integrity. This is how I reached vital harmony, and the process is vital harmonizing.

What does Vital Harmonizing mean? To bring essential and vibrant harmony to your life. Here, I refer to harmonizing with our spiritual side, our soul, our spirit, our source fractal, God, source, or universe. This is where we heal uniquely and collectively the separation and return to the sacred rhythms of vital harmony, yet it is alive. This is Ascension, this is shifting to our Collective Self and Collective Consciousness as Homo Luminous. This is when you are clear about who you truly are. When you live from the magic of your heart. The boundless and infinite in your physical experience.

Feeling well is truly key and being without vigor, vitality, and energy does not make life easy. For a big part, we are responsible and we have the choice to make our life and spirit vital. It is not a choice of our mind only; your mind may not take you where you want to go in your vital well-being and vital harmonizing. Vital Harmonizing brings it all in Harmony. This is not just a balance, a kind of equal share of all. This is dynamic and magical, keeping the focus where it needs to be. Sometimes the physical has priority, sometimes the spiritual; another time it is the mind who wants more, it can also be the environment, nature, or your finances.

The mind keeps you in the logic and rationalities, the physical and material, the control and the prediction.

The magic of your heart comes in, and the mystery is unfolding.

I am inviting you to listen to the Magic of Your Heart.

What makes your Well-being and Harmonizing vital?

It may just be a choice, a focus, your consciousness, or your courage to enjoy this life and be well and in harmony.

When we truly Harmonise, it comes from the heart, the connection to All, body, mind, spirit, soul, and source with nature and cosmos, The Heart Harmonizing.

What does the Magic of your Heart say to

Vital Well-being and Harmonizing? 

What is the magic of your heart?

The Magic of the Heart in my worlds and words is:

The place where it all meets, Soul, Source, Spirit, and Your I AM Presence. The infinity and boundless being with the physical embodiment that you are — Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Do you know this inner voice, that is infinite and always present? It is the same voice that your your ego and mind often reject and fight?

You may be on an Ascension Journey.

You may feel the shift.

You may live or want to live in New Earth, 5 D, Higher consciousness.

You may have experienced Awakening, Spiritual, or Heart Awakening.

You may be ready and dare to YOU and the new collective consciousness of Aquarius.

Here are a few quotes to tune in.

"Come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.” — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
“Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.” — JmStorm

We are Homo sapiens, women and men of the mind, and yes much of what we are hearing is about the mind. We are also shifting to homo luminous, some more conscious than others, and some ignorant or unaware. Homo Luminous’ operating system is the HEART. It is said that living in 5 D, new earth, and higher frequencies requires Heart Consciousness and living from the heart. Some are with me to believe the Age of the Heart and HeartAwakening is NOW.

I am truly curious about what your Magic Heart says and if you can hear the whisper and voice. Let me know in the comments.

What steps are you taking to your Vital Well-being and Vital Harmonizing?

When you have something great - share the love. Don’t keep it for your Self.  So, we as Lightworkers and WayShowers, Practitioners and Starseeds, Leading Lights, New Earth Weavers, DreamAuthors, and Awakening Hearts extend the love together.

Should you look for the experience of Vital and Heart Harmonizing, join our Retreats.

Bring your Choice. Courage. Consciousness

Here in our world, Heart Harmonizing also happens in our Sound Meditations and HeArt.

Blessing and love from our Vital Heart Harmony.


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