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The Magic of Connectedness:  The Dots Between Transpersonal Awareness and Awakening 

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The #Magic of #Connectedness fascinates me. How to relate and connect. In a time where we realise have been separated for too long, out of harmony and sync When we make dots we come back into the sacred rhythms of life and the divine. Are you ready to make dots with me and enjoy the magic of connectedness?

In this blog, we explore three dots between #transpersonal #awareness and #Awakening, #HeartAwakening, Non-Dual #Ascension, #NewEarth and our shift to #HomoLuminous.

Let's first explore what Google tells us about transpersonal awareness.

Wittine's third postulate is that transpersonal therapy is “a process of awakening from a lesser to a greater identity.” By “awakening,” transpersonal therapists mean enlarging or expanding one's identity. The enlargement of one's identity invariably entails disruption, pain, and relinquishment.

In my worlds of consciousness, the greater identity is our #wholeness and #integritysync even beyond identity, but into I AM #Presence and #HeartConsciousness. It is like an evolutionary leap or the final I agree that is it breaking free and can bring discomfort and pain, yet the rewards and joy of inner peace and connectedness are unmatched.

Transpersonal psychology has also revealed that when we experience these awakened states, we transform consciousness, personal values and self-transcendence which changes our perspective on the world.’

Dots between Transpersonal Awareness and Awakening. the Magic of Connectedness
Magic of Conectedness. Ana Cecilia H. Sonqo

Some of us may be aware of transpersonal theory and psychology, it is a particular field where we go beyond ego, an ego-transcended state, it also takes us to a state of transformation and metamorphosis and finally of integration and embodiment. While it is a domain of psychology for me it goes beyond and can enter metaphoric, metamorphic, mystic and shamanic worlds of #consciousness on our Ascension path and #Awakening of the #Heart.

In fact, in my #ConsciousnessArchitecture, the #Transpersonal Experience and #Awareness are key at AccessPoint Heart, as well as #HeArt and the #GoldPrint #HomoLuminous.

Find out more in the Consciousness Architecture Map. Link  or ask me

Making dots is to relate, to connect and to link, sometimes to the impossible.

In all traditions of wisdom we are clear:

  • Everything is connected

  • Everything moves

  • Everything is LOVE

If we can not go beyond ego and mind it is impossible to Awaken to the Heart and to truly embark on our Ascension Path.

Beyond theory, we all have transpersonal experiences that shake us and take us into a deeper and higher consciousness of the heart.

When we get on a #Transpersonal Journey, in therapy, #HeartAwakening, #Shamanic or #Mystic we are integrating spiritual and human life to enter new #horizons of consciousness. It is called the pre-personal, the personal and the transpersonal. We could even say this is the essence of #AdvaitaVedanta,

The Awakening through transpersonal awareness can be quite epic. Physical, emotional and in meditative states we can come to self-realization with transpersonal awareness that truly takes us into a space of making Dots to #Awakening, #Ascension, #NewEarth and shifting to #HomoLuminous.

When we make dots we embrace the Magic of Connectedness.

What are my three favourite dots between Transpersonal Awareness and Awakening to the Heart?

My first dot is from ‘beyond ego’ to the Heart

I love to make the Dot, a #ChoicePoint;

focussing on stepping ‘Beyond the ego’ and into the #Heart to Awaken.

Yes, the energy goes where we think and where we choose, in busyness or peace. For me, it is much easier to take care of the Self, as the ego no longer dictates or controls, sabotages and disconnects from our awakening and ascension.

Awakening, like Self-Realization, is only the beginning. The Journey does begin here. When we are ready to embrace the magic of connectedness, we dare to be the dot. We may find a bridge to cross over or we are the bridge.

Are you ready to make that dot, to link, to connect to relate by focussing on #Living from the #Heart in #NewEarth?  The Fruit of Pure Love can then create what truly matters, in harmony, synchronicity and light.

We also can now live in our wholeness and integrity, in affluence and flow. We are also no longer dependent on separation and control.

My second dot is from our old paradigms to our Metamorphosis of HomoLuminous & New Consciousness

As the ego loses its grit we can open our eyes to the Non-Dual #Aquarian #Ascension, to your HeartAwakening, to our Transformation and NewEarth. of HeartAwakening to HomoLuminous

How to live and embody the magic

My third dot is from Old World to #HeartCentered New Earth and #Vitality

As we make that dot we allow and flow. We can ascend and enter NewEarth as HomoLuminous as we can see it and be it.

How do I live in the Magic of Connectedness?

As an #AscensionHeartBridge to #NewEarth, I invoke and trigger your remembrance to find your dots and keys so you can enjoy and crossover.

All of our creations, our Music and Meditations, with Ana Cecilia, our ChakaRunaHeart Retreats Links and Programs online link and personal, link 1:1 our Ceremonies, and simply our #MysticHeart and HeArt.

Check us out to make your own dots and recover your Keys to to transpersonal awareness and HeartAwakening, #ascension #homoluminous #newearth

We love to join you on your journey

Excited to see you soon.


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