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How to break free from Control, Coping Mechanisms and Cover-ups?

The Journey to #Mastery, living from the #Heart as #HomoLuminous in #HewEarth

Weaving a NewEarth Tapestry Conscious & Mystic Heart

By Patrick Yenga Sonqo

You may ask your Self what is this all for.

How to break free to your Self
How to break free

Who is your Self? It is not yourself, your human experience, situation, feelings, and thoughts, your persona, as in behaviour and beliefs, habits and culture.

When I refer to your Self - I mean your wholeness, your Spiritual Integrity your I AM Presence. Your infinite and dynamics,  your Observer and Witness, your Author and Creator.

Spiritual Integrity & Harmony - what I call your Self.

Here is what it consists of:

  • Your Truths and Resonance beyond your principles and others’ rules

  • Your Wholeness. Heart, Human, Soul and Source Fractal

  • Your mystic tone of Harmony

It is here we enjoy our #IntegritySync - a unique key to unlock #newearth together

You may find your Self more challenged than ever.

You may sense it too much.

You may think I want to run.

You may feel raw and vulnerable

It does not help to ask why you are feeling like that

We are living in turbulent times. Invitations to heal, raise, evolve, lighten up, ascend to #live from the #heart in #newearth, claim our Spiritual Integrity to ride the wave, to co-create and relate, flow and evolve

Breaking free is not an easy undertaking. It may require commitment and courage, unwavering grit and trust in your Self. It does not come easy, as the human and homo sapiens hold on to ego, self-interest, control and and fear.

Breaking free is like remembering you are free, not trapped, not limited, not alone, but simply a key into new #octaves of #collectiveconsciousness. While we are experiencing all, we are truly an 11 out of 10 and can always #bounce up. Vital #Bouncing is a #Praxis to enter multidimensionality, living from the #Heart and your Self and remembering who you truly are,

We can all access this #HarmonisStateofBeing. The moment in time of self-realisation takes us on the path to mastery and the process of self-actualisation. This is when we truly allow to shift from homo samples to #homoluminous in #newearth. When we give up the resistance and fight and flight freeze and fawn. Self-actualising requires praxis and trust.

Here are three ways to break free from control, coping mechanisms and

Embrace your Self and trust

Medicine Wheel Journey

Courage to be vulnerable to heal

How to break free from Control?

Embrace your Self and trust to flow

To let control, ego, fear and self-interest go it is vital to remember who we truly are. Control is often related to the separation we have been living on this planet for thousands of years. Yes, control can go when we embrace it. Embrace is being in total harmony, beyond the irritations and misfits, the pain and fears of tolerance and acceptance.

Breaking free from control is embracing the mystery the unknown, the unmanifest and the uncontrollable.  Some would argue that control does not exist. Control works within us and around us. We are told to control our feelings, our life, our relationships, our minds and at the same time we are being controlled to stay in this state of control and separation.

As we embrace with the courage of disharmony for a moment and allow to unite and melt into that Self, that I AM Presence, the need to control falls at this point as well as the external control, as we remember that we are sovereign.

There are many ways to embrace that Self. You know that you got it when you are aware of your different aspects and become present and conscious of them all. Fully aware of your multidimensionality, as human experience, soul and source fractal through the heart. You can observe and witness while listening to your Soul and Heart, as well as the HeArt to express it all in your physicality.

This is a moment of self-realisation and as melted before, it takes now praxis to remind Self at all times until it is fully natural - that is Self-Actualisation

How to break free from coping mechanisms?

Medicine Wheel Journey

It is a great way to go beyond coping mechanisms. I remember when everything that happened in my life I was told to cope with it, and I wondered what does that mean. Coping with is about dealing with grief and stress, a situation or a problem.

Weiten looks at 4 types of coping mechanisms:

Appraisal focused on adapting the way of thinking.

Problem-focused to adapt emotions

Occupation focuses on how to adapt the way we work.

All of these coping mechanism suggest we deal with it by adapting making something suitable for a new use, modification. For me, and others adapting to something and coping is not looking at what is beyond the situation or perceived problem.  Coping and adapting is used also in evolution, and I don’t see evocation like this either. In a way we are actually not looking what that grief or stress means, we just deal with it.

What are you, what am I coping for? Maybe it is not for the better, and again what is it for?

Looking at the Dragonfly and its incomplete metamorphosis. The Nymph just gets out of the water and hangs on a tree to allow the dragonfly to emerge. It is not adapting to the situation, it simply allows the metamorphosis and rebirth into a new being.

The Medicine Wheel is a ceremony to look beyond the grief, the stress, and the pain and heal it. Beyond and beyond a problem, stress, grief is fear and the way our primitive mind likes to fight or fight, freeze or fawn. We could say coping is in a way that.

In a Medicine Wheel, we don’t look at the Why but at the healing of fear and pain, by offering it to the four directions and eventually to the Heart.

There is other ways of course. However, in our praxis, we had many people who came back to what they had coped within one of the four ways, as it was not finished, solved or healed.

How to break free from coverups and escapism and Lala lands?

Courage to be vulnerable to heal

This is a space to be vulnerable beyond why and ignorance. A space of the the Diamond HeartHealing and the connection to the Torus. The torus is the smallest unit in the universe, beyond the atom.

The two ingredients required are courage from the heart and being vulnerable as a strength, no as a victim. By no means this is an easy undertaking, yet we are currently supported to do this. We could say we are invited to.

With this courage and vulnerability, we can see beyond the masks, make-believe, coverups, Lala lands and escapisms. This kind of HeartHealing is through timelines, breaking karma and akashic records to enter the Halls of the Ammenti our records for #newearth #multidimensionality #homoluminous and #livingfromtheheart #5d and up.

It is pivotal at this time to take this courage and vulnerability to evolve, leap and ascend as #homoluminous

Where are you in this?

We have a strong sense of the importance of retreating to Self at this moment and we are happy to take you there - totally open to allowing your unique unfolding. It is not easy to break free. Habits, and mindsets, fears and pain, comfort and illusions. But we all can.

and I promise it is much easier on the other side.

How do the #IntegritySync and #VitalBouncing support you?

We have designed our online and interactive Program so you can break from the old and

Reconnect to the HEART is surely a great way to begin

Our Retreats allow you to #retreat to You.

#Rekindle Your #Heartfire is a #unique retreat in all ways.

4 people at the time, individuals or 2 couples, 4 days and 33 days unique embodiment and self-actualisation of your Sacred HeartFire with a private Masterclass at the end.

At the end of the year, we all meet in an online Gathering.

Retreat with us

See you there

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