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Nature Immersion Magic: A Spice of Life from Vital Retreating to You

Weaving a NewEarth Tapestry Heart Awakening.

Invoking Conscious & Mystic HeartLiving for HomoLuminous.

Architecture of Consciousness, Sound & Unlearning.

Heart Bridge for Ascension to New Earth.

In this blog, we are looking through three lenses:

What is Nature Immersion and how do I call it Magic?

How can Vital Retreating to You take you to the Magic?

How can Nature Immersion Magic be a spice of Your Life?

It was Nature in the first place that called me into the Jungle of Peru.

I grew up in Nature Immersion, being fully involved and immersed in all aspects. My mother was a beekeeper and had her bees in the forest, houses and a camper, so many of my weekends and holidays were spent with the bees and in nature.

My mom taught me to be harmless and in harmony with nature, in reverence and loving. To dance to the Sacred Rhythms of earth and sky, cosmos and the divine was vitality for me, as a boy, Jamaican Country Bwoy loved Relatedness with nature.

  • Walking barefoot in most places

  • Vital connectedness with all life

  • Trusting the sacred rhythms of Life and Source in Nature

  • Enjoying the elements in their origin

  • Living Heart Centered

Fully immersing in the magic of nature
My magic of nature immersion

What is Nature Immersion and how do I call it Magic?

In general, it takes a bit of preparation to retreat into nature completely, but it is not all that hard and unique to everyone.

The effects and impact on our Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health and Vital Well-being are well-researched and undeniable, not just mine and our experience and Life, and those who retreat with us.

Nature immersion is said to reduce blood pressure and stress hormones, calm down hyper nervous system reactions, and enhance the immune system, yes one of the best ways is to walk barefoot.

We generally feel happier when immersed in nature, our self-esteem gets a boost, and anxiety loses its grip on us. Finally, we can’t help but be in a better mood. And this is just part of everything.

In addition, we come into Presentness of Self, I AM Presence, joy, gratitude, harmony, awe, reverence, vitality, vibrancy and even Love.

For me, this is all magic and every time there are new things we experience and explore.

Nature never fails us when it comes to magic, experiencing the unexplainable and sacred.

We can’t control it.

We can’t manipulate it.

We can’t change it.

We can only choose to immerse in it and live in harmony with its magic.

We are all one, and nature is such a great teacher and medicine for us all.

Vital Connectedness with nature also connects us to the divine, to the rhythms and cycles of life and to the cosmos, of which earth is part.

We come into Sacred Relatedness with all as we immerse.

The magic of nature immersion
Retreating to you and the power of nature immersion

How can Vital Retreating to You take you to the Magic?

Most of us live in busyness. We are at a time of Awakening, spiritual and to the Heart.

New Earth is open and we are shifting from homo sapiens, women and men of the mind to homo luminous, women and men of the Light.

Our operation system shifts from the mind to the heart. It does not mean we are not using our minds but united with the heart.

Check out my blog about What happens when the mind falls into the heart.

We made nature immersion magic a Spice of our Retreats to the Magic to Your Heart.

Vital Retreating for us is crucial.

Not another course, another holiday, another hype, another run, another escape.

But truly retreating to you. Being present to you in nature.

For us Nature Immersion Magic is a crucial spice to connect to your own energy, vitality, presence and choice.

As educators or EduCreators we weave nature immersion magic into our retreats, as an inspired space of learning and unlearning to enjoy the fruits it bears. In other words, allowing the unfolding for you in a safe space.

Immersion is known as a method of teaching and learning; language and culture especially. It was easy for us to translate and transpose this magic into our teaching.

Nature Immersion Magic can also take you out of fear and into LOVE and trust in the universe in its totality and multidimensionality

As you are on your Vital Retreating to you - nature is your friend. We are in comfortable and safe places where you can explore with confidence and feel good in your own nature of being.

Nature Immersion is unique to everyone and can not experienced on the run or

In a class, it is deeply rooted in you and we simply facilitate the magic for you.

Nature immersion magic
Being safe and sound in nature

How can Nature Immersion Magic be a Spice of Your Life?

A post-immersion needs to be considered. We could see post-immersion, like an integration or embodiment phase to truly use that Spice of Life.

What are you going to do with this immersion?

How does nature immersion come home with you?

Beyond the moments and time you spent.

For our retreats, we create a 33-day special post-immersion map for you in your own space. This map allows you to bring your immersion spice to your life, your ascension, your new earth living as homo luminous. As you use the map you can make your learning your spice of life.

In addition, a master class at the end of this time will enable you to ground and enjoy it even more.

However, you may find that your old life of busyness, short-lived hypes and constant tension no longer serves you. So, yes often your immersion may be a life-changing event for you and you will find your way. This too, I call magic. Not planned, not influenced, not forced but coming from within you and your permanent nature immersion magic.

So, yes, I like to call nature immersion magic a spice of life. A spice that allows to truly feel alive, relaxed and free.

And it is up to you how.

What does it feel like to you?

Have you had an experience?

What did you do with the experience?

Did it pass or are you spicing up your life?

See you here.


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