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The Power of Choice to Evolve For Leaders and LeadingLights

Beyond the binary and dual traps is your Power and Your Choice to Evolve. A CLAP to open your pools of infinite Possibilities and the Impossible.

Dare to open the doors into the unknown with your Power of Choice
The Power of Choice to Evolve

What is your choice as a leader and leading light?

Let's make some choices from your Heart and your Uniqueness from the pools of infinite possibilities and impossible.  My Hawaiian friend Mopua Cann says "English is a separating language"; as a Multidimensional Bridge of Sound and Language to the Heart, I am here to speak a unifying language as my Power of Choice to Evolve.

Are you an evolving or evolutionary leader?

Evolutionary leaders are relating to the process of evolution as it seems to happen to us.

An Evolving leader is part of her or his evolution within and its synergy in the worlds of consciousness around. A Journey and process to new horizons, zeniths, and octaves of living and being.

There are choices we have about what is evolution even beyond Darwinism and concepts of development.

In Darwinism, we are about the survival of the fittest in a dangerous and savage nature and world. The operating system of homo sapiens, women and men of the mind, a species that is currently evolving to Homo Luminous, where the Operating System is the Heart.

In my heart, evolution is not due to new complexity and understanding, cycles and ascension, more than development. I am referring here to Clare Graves and his Spiral Dynamics and the levels of consciousness, and how we choose to dance with the new complexities. Yes, this is a choice. And it is yours, from the Heart.

I invited you to a binary choice as a leader and yet, you could be both and make it unique to YOU. You can not evolve as a leader if you don’t relate, however you don’t have to.

I also invited you to choose between Darwinism and survival and new horizons of understanding complexity to evolve and ascend. A bit more challenging to choose both.

Where does Your Power of Choice to Evolve take you?

Let me start with a poem today as a Multidimensional Bridge of Language and Energy to You.

Be that leading light and Dare to shine,
trust your heart, and know it will be fine.
Let your mind be that tool of your Heart’s Fire,
What truly inspires your Heart’s Desire.

It is a leap to new horizons, zeniths, and octaves
To evolve with ease to the rhythms of the new waves.

The Power of Choice to Evolve from within is the key to rise
So we can relate to the collective choice and our unique spice.

Are you free in Your Power of Choice to evolve and seize?
Do you dare to embrace Your Choice without disguise?

We are here to weave a new earth without fear,
But in the vibration of Love’s magic peers.

We are here to live from the Heart with all our might
To share our unwavering leading light.

We are to awaken to our uniqueness and trust
So we can evolve together in the divine and just.

Patrick Yenga Sonqo

It’s all just words you may say, but words and language carry the energy of You and your boundless Power to, with, for, and of Self.

Yes, power over is dead and we are evolving now to Power to, with, for, and of SELF.

Are you here?

I am simply here to inspire your Magic:

Your Power of Choice and the Power of Your Choice as evolving and evolutionary Leader and Leading Light.

Excited where it takes you when you embark on this CLAP

Power of Choice to Evolve 

Are you ready for the CLAP to open your pools of infinite possibilities and the impossible?

Connect and Collaborate to celebrate Creativeness with the Courage of your Conscious Choice to

Leap and Lead - Live and UnLearn - Lighten up and Love to Land as you are

Ascending and Appreciating, Accessing and Attuning to Your

Powerful Potential and Passion for Peace, open to enjoy your

Perpetual Pulse and Presence in the Pools of Infinite Possibilities from the HEART

This is where we evolve, emerge, embrace, and enjoy our evolving and evolutionary role as leaders and leading lights, Uniquely and Vital.

One of our magic ingredients in all we do.

But especially In our Small #RetreatMagic: #Peru #Sicily #Gozo

In our online and interactive Program:

#Reconnect to the #Heart. #Choices to #live from the #Heart.

Are you ready for your Unique #CLAP to the Power of Your Choice and Your Power of Choice?

Excited and curious to hear about you in the comments:

Could we inspire you? 

Can you feel your heart?   

Do you want to connect to your uniqueness? 

And what is your choice?

Evolving or evolutionary leader?

Or both?

Blessings from my heart to yours.


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