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Embrace Your Inner Leader Magic. How do you evolve as a leader?

Three Keys to Dive Within

Embrace your inner leader magic in nature
Do you allow nature to take you to your inner leader magic?

Can I entice and invite you to #Embrace your #Inner #Leader #Magic?

We are all on a journey of leadership. #Self, as a #professional, as a #Leadinglight for our company, business, clients, students, community, society and even the world, evolution, ascension, new earth, the universe, whatever you are called to lead. It is not just a title to a leader. If we can’t lead Self, we are simply lost.

Evolving is the #key; I love to call it #metamorphosis or #transformation. We are living in a time where old cycles come to an end and new begins, so really we can not reject, deny or escape. We can ride this wave. We can shift. We can dance to these rhythms in harmony. We are all in this.

What is hidden and what we are separated from as humanity and in this human experience is our inner Leader Magic, a mastery of evolution and ascension in its own way to a collective Self and is key to the new #Collective #Consciousness.

It is not easy to connect, embrace and live that inner leader magic. It may be far away from what you have learned and who you think you are.

What do I call the inner leader magic?

Google tells us that the ‘inner leader is the part of us that embodies our wisdom, inner knowing, creativity, unconditional love, confidence, and compassion. It is an unlimited source of all-around badassery.’ The writer calls coaching a way to get there.

For me, inner leader magic is the frequency and embodiment of our IntegritySync, the wholeness of our being, Pure LOVE, inner knowing and wisdom, courage, curiosity, trust, compassion, light, #creativeness and affluence from the quantum fields of the impossible and divine source to serve and lead.

This is not just any time - this is now. A time of heart-centeredness and new octaves of consciousness, a time of ascension into a new age of humanity from homo sapiens to homo luminous, from the mind dominance to the Heart Light.

So the question is how can we connect and embrace this inner leader magic?

I offer you today three keys.

You may wonder what is the metaphor of the key. Words are like a linguistic bridge to our intuition, heart, wisdom and leader magic.

Keys are opening up your inner leader magic.

I love keys and they are unique to you.

So, here are three Keys for YOU:

  • Nature Immersion Magic

  • IntegritySync & Leader Vibe and Voice

  • Heart-Centeredness to the Magic of Your Heart

First Key to Embrace Your Inner Leader Magic: Nature Immersion Magic

It is a unique way to get us out of our habits, fears, stress, pain, routine, busyness, and ego even. We fully immerse into the magic of nature and find our inner leader magic in harmony with what nature brings us in this immersion.

We use Nature Immersion Magic as a spice for all our retreats, Evolutionary Leadership and Rekindle your HeartFire. The spice metaphor here serves as an ingredient of the unlearning method.

As we immerse, we strip away all that separated us from within and our Vital Connectedness to All. Nature immersion magic is like an unlearning methodology that sets you free to you within. We use it in our retreats, as all of our retreats are in nature.

To Embrace Your Inner Leader Magic is quite exciting in the Immersion.

Yes, there is a bit of prep, but more so the post-immersion, which requires a map for you, actually to embrace and bring into your leadership and life.

How do you want to unlock your inner leader magic with Nature Immersion?

The second Key to Embrace your Inner Leader Magic: IntegritySync 

Connects you to the three aspects of Integrity:

  • Your true value and heart,

  • Your wholeness, and

  • Your unique and harmonic tone (voice and vibe).

Yes, this integritySync is within you. You can go within in different ways.

Meditation, with Music or in Ceremony.  The integritySync is a great spice for your inner leader and how you will learn to shine.

I share the basics in our Free Webinar on Evolutionary Leadership, as one of the lenses, and take it deeper in my Seminar on the actual retreat in Jamaica.

In general, I attune leaders to their IntegritySync to embrace, emerge and enjoy to unlock their harmonic vibe and voice.

Third Key to Embrace your Inner Leader Magic: Heart-Centeredness to the Magic of your Heart.

When Heart-Centeredness is your spice, you give everything you do from your uniqueness and light.

Heart-centeredness is a choice that comes within. You may want your mind to fall into your heart first. Check out my blog on this.

There are different ways to do that, and in any case, it is a process. When you live from heart-centered, you are not controlled by your ego and mind’s demands. Your mind is just a beautiful tool. You connect heart to heart, you shine from the heart. Love, compassion and all the other aspects of the inner leader magic flow naturally out of you.

Our program Reconnect to the Heart is a great beginning for #HeartConnectedness.

Leaders with Heart-centeredness are surely in high demand, as they bring many other leadership qualities to the light.

Are you ready for your inner leader magic?

Ask me for more. I am happy to journey with you or be part of your

Vital Retreating to your inner leader magic.

Check out our retreats too.

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