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Is the Power of Your Choice vital and true?

Three Vital Signs You Are in Integrity and Harmony with Your Power of Choice

Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Your power of Choice and the Power of Your Choice
Is the Power of Your Choice vital and true?

Yes, I am aware I am playing with Your Choice and Your Power, let’s explore what words find the way into your Heart. I would like to be conscious and aware of both aspects, your power and your choice. Language has a power and you can use it. A Hawaiian friend says, "English is a separating language and Hawaiian is a unifying language". I leave it with you. However, it does not mean our power and choice can not be unified in the English language. When integrity and Harmony come your way, you may challenge Language. Finally, let me alert you; you can be reacting and fighting, coping and being resilient to words and their power, or you can be open to the energy of LOVE and the Heart, and stay in the unified field of the same.

Your Choice has Power for you, your life, your relations, the world, nature, and the cosmos. Power for is bringing benefits to life and the unmanifest.

In the game of power, we look at power over, as in control, controlling self and others. Power to is about who is receiving power in the sense of empowering the Self or another.

Your Power of is about a powerful energy we can bring to something, in our case here - Choice.

There is also Power with which I see more as a collaborative invitation, where we put our power, energy, and life force together complementing and co-creating. The Power with can also create synergy.

Yes, Power to and Power for in Society and Business, Culture and Language was another of my possible PhD thesis, that I did not pursue.

Choice is said to be connected to desired intentions, values, beliefs, LOVE, Life, Spirit, and Energy, while decisions are about behaviors, performance, consequences, even stereotypes, and external expectations. For some, Choice is about reason and decisions about causes.

Others claim that a decision brings a conclusion or resolution and a choice is selecting when having two or more possibilities. Often, Choice is related to dual and binary concepts, and yet it is not about that.

Choices can have a vital impact on our tomorrow, our well-being, vitality, personal growth, and gain, but also our spiritual well-being, ascension, and evolution.

For me, Decisions are more logical and rational based, we have models of how to make decisions that serve us to control or cope, to win or lose.

Choices are more from the conscious and courageous heart, values, integrity, and resonance and they can perpetuate our light, life, peace, and harmony. Again, for me, decisions are mental and choices are from the Heart.

Where are you when it comes to the Power of Choice?

Where is Power for you?

Power over?

Power to?

Power for?

Power with?

It is Your Power of Choice what to do with it.

Why I am bringing the Power of Choice to You?

The Space of the first: Power of Your Choice.  A jiourney to Self
Awataha Marae in Auckland, NZ.

The Power of Choice was the name of the first spiritual workshop I held on my own, in about 2007, at the Awataha Marae in Auckland. Their spirit is "from nothing we create everything". Awataha means "the river flowing by the side".

I felt part of the community of this Marae for quite some time.

The spirit of Awataha has stayed with me and so has the Power of Choice.

I am inviting you today to use Your Power of Choice, beyond self-interest, ego, commerce, consumerism, and masks. We all have this free will and the power for, with, and to.

Are you ready to lead and execute Your Power of Choice or the Power of Your Choice?

Is it vital and true?

What is Your Power? Power for? Power to? Power with?

Who is it for? Who is it with?

No Power over is not a choice here as it is not integrity or harmony.

Here are three signs of Your Power and Your Choice being Vital and True.

Let me share with you my truths of Integrity. Not to discuss, agree or disagree, argue or ignore, but for your resonance in your heart.

Your IntegritySync to  Power of Choice. Vital and True
IntegritySync by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

My IntegritySync is not meant to limit you - the opposite, it is inviting you into your uniqueness. It is making space for the Unique Self that you are beyond the conditions and constrictions, expectations, and limitations.

What does Harmony mean for me?

In music, harmony occurs when different notes together bring a pleasant and interesting sound, there is a different kind of harmony. In music, we talk about diatonic harmony as in major and minor scales of harmony as well as non-diatonic harmonies. Jazz is known for its interesting harmonies through improvisation.

And there is pentatonic, the 5-tone music that creates different diatonic modes with fewer notes.

Harmony for me is a dance to sacred notes and rhythms of nature, earth, cosmos, you and me, the notes and tones. Harmony is a pulse, a rhythm of how we are connected with nature, energy, cosmos, earth, life, the infinite, and the divine.

Where does that leave you in integrity and harmony?

I truly love to hear.

Here are the three signs when you are in integrity and harmony with Your Power of Choice.

Sign 1

You are conscious of the frequency, energy, and dimension of the Power of Your Choice and Your Power of Choice.

Being conscious of the invisible and subtle is vital as we can see the truths being agendas. In this heart-conscious state and presence, we are not victims of attachments or manipulation, separation, or fear.

Can you feel the Power of Your Choice and Your Power of Choice?

How can you live it when you are aware?

Are you the frequency, energy, consciousness, and dimension of Power and Choice or do you react to it?

Does it trigger your fear and anger?

You are playful and light in Your Power of Choice, fully aligned with your potential and passion.

Sign 2

You are not worried by external pressure or expectations and your monkey mind

You are in your heart in the perpetual pulse and presence in the pools of possibilities and the impossible, your Wholeness. You find peace and comfort here. You feel your 'Coeur' (french word for heart) and more in the courage of your heart. You can see and feel without being attached or freaking out. You find it easy to let go and see beyond what worries and emotional rollercoasters. You are Safe in YOU. When you trust Your Power and Your Choice you are just in peace and flow.

Do you feel Your Power in your Heart?

Are you truly grounded in your Truths?

Do you trust your integrity and Your Choice?

Sign 3

You are clear in Your Power of Choice and the Power of Your Choice

You are clear about who you are. You live in LOVE, the frequency, energy, consciousness, and dimensions of your Heart. When we are clear we have a natural unwavering trust and grit not in an absolute or stubborn way, but open and creative. You say yes to YOU. You are clear about Your Power to, Power with, Power for and, Power of. You are clear that Your Choice matters. You are not hiding or pretending. You are not wearing a mask or playing double standards.

Can you feel that clarity in Your Heart?

Do you embrace your Clarity?

Do you embrace others and their Power and Choice?

The Power of Choice is one of the unique magic ingredients we are weaving into the tapestry of New Earth, ascension, heart awakening, and shift to homo luminous.

You can find Your Power of Choice in our:

  • Retreats

  • Online programs

  • 1:1 projects and programs for business, branding,

  • Sessions and programs for Metamorphosis, transpersonal, and couples

  • We journey with the conscious, curious, and courageous creatives

  • Audio Courses, Music, and Meditation as multidimensional bridges for unique and collective ascension.

  • Content and videos.

Explore more on our website about our other magic ingredients and, in the upcoming blogs.

Thank you for being here today.

From our heart to yours.


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