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What is your Vision Mastery, Evolutionary Leader?

Conventional or unconventional?

ordinary or extraordinary?

Limited or impossible?

by Patrick Yenga Sonqo

A leader’s vision is seen as a crucial part of leadership. Whether you lead your own company, someone else, society, a community or your followers, co-creators and collaborators. In their own mastery.

According to Rebecca Knight, the 8 essentials of a successful leader are:

She talks about the points        of my Heart Language (energy)

Authenticity daring to be unique

Curiosity. leap of faith and into the unknown

Analytical prowess        deeper knowing - connectedness - harmony

Adaptability in the flow and affluence

Creativity    creativeness - the power to create and co-create

Comfort with ambiguity. trust the unknown. courage to write the unwritten

Resilience Vital Bouncing. Being an 11 out of 10 see pic

Empathy holding all in compassion and love

Other add

Integrity        The magic of integritySync Vision   Visionary Mastery

Accountability   walking in truths and standing for it

Confidence rusting in the heart and wholeness 

Decision Making Making choices that matter

Knowing thyself  courage for evolutionary leaps and metamorphosis

Knowing others the power of compassion, the impossible & love

I am interested in all the bold areas of Leadership.

Today, I want to share with you your Vision Mastery as an evolutionary Leader

What is your Vision Mastery Evoluationary Leader?
Vision Mastery of Evoluatioary Leaders

The question is do you play safe or do you dare to truly lead?

Being conventional and limited does not cut it at this time. As you play the same old you learn about the fruits or your resistance to evolve? You can call that staying in the old mindsets, homo sapiens, 3 and 4 D or the Matrix. There surely is much to keep us in the old, while the old is also breaking inviting us to create the new.

Nobody knows what is next. You are the one who shines light into the infinite fields of the possible, more of the impossible.

Let’s look at three ways to dream and weave, to envision and manifest the new into being in your space and for this #newearth for you and all that are involved.

It is your journey of Vision Mastery to step out and up.

Let us look at your #Vision #Mastery with the magic of Animals, who could also become your LightSpirit, your Ally, a spirit or power animal to take you beyond your human vision and your mastery.

When we enter this space we look at the physical attributes it may have, but of course, the magic is in the mystic part. We can work with LightSpirits in all aspects of Leadership and in all life. They are just great allies.

Yes, it is mystic, metaphoric, often metamorphic and when we work with you in person it is even musical, as our music makes your experience and connection even deeper.

What is it like to work with LightSpirits?

Which three animals call you into a new vision mastery?

Please share who is calling you in the comments.

Working with LightSpirits is always unique to you, we can look at some points and you find your unique relationship and choice.

1 What is Your Vision Mastery as a Dragonfly?

The vision of the Dragonfly includes around 30000 lenses and they see more colors than humans, maybe even ultraviolet hues.

So, what does it mean to you if you choose to see a dragonfly?

2. What is Your Vision Mastery as a Mantis Shrimp?

They can see much more colours, as well as ultraviolet and polarized light. Each of their eyes can focus on something different and they can get deeper depth perception with only one eye.

How many colours can You see?

How colourful can you imagine your vision to be?

Are you open to more colours that you envision?

Do you dare to go deeper within?

3  What is Your Vision Mastery as an Eagle?

The eagle is known to have a sharp vision and an extraordinary focus.

Can you really focus and sharpen your vision, not only the detail but the

4. What is Your Vision Mastery as a Tarsier?\


The eyes of this little monkey are bigger than its stomach and brain and its magic is that they can see the light in the dark.

So when you want to play and find your Vision Mastery with Tarsier you can see the light in the darkest moments. You can see the blessing in whatever happens and of course, you always have a way to get to the light.

5. What is Your Vision Mastery as a Chameleon?

They can rotate and focus with their eyes at the same time

What would it be like if you could rotate and focus at the same time in your vision?

What magic can happen when you look animals in their eyes or they look in yours?

When an animal chooses to look in your eyes, like a sea turtle or a dolphin, even a lion or goat you know you are chosen for a message. You are gifted with a deep connection and communication beyond your wildest dreams.

Did you ever have an eye-to-eye connection with an animal?

We can do shamanic journeying to have this experiential connectedness in a meditative state and receive the message, hone in on your courage or creativeness.

Ana Cecilia and I do a Journey to your Power Animal that wants to be your ally at this particular time and explore with you together how you can enjoy and work with it.

Curious to hear what is your take.

Are Power animals in your comfort or out of it?

Are you ready to look at them for your Vision Mastery, #evolutionaryleader?

And of course, #visionmastery is just one way to engage with these lovely allies.


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very nicely expressed. You're making me very curious of what I will discover next, when I initiate eye to eye contact, with creatures in the wild.

Replying to

Thank you, Bruno, and this is the idea, being curious and open to discovering SELF when connecting and relating with nature.

Enjoy your journey.

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