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How to Create Your Unique Recipe for Evolutionary Leaping as a Leader?

Updated: Mar 15

Three basic ingredients

Do you dare to create your unique Recipe?

By Patrick Yenga Sonqo

Putitng the recipe together
How to create your recipe for Evolutionary Leaping as a Leader?

Evolutionary Leaping is about making that step into the unknown, breaking free of the old and into the new to new horizons, new zeniths and octaves of consciousness.  You may not have the title of being a leader, but it does not mean you are called into your #Mastery and being a #leadinglight or Self- Leadership.

We are called into our Sovereignty and Uniqueness to be whole and come together to raise the collective vibration.

We are all challenged. We are all called into this evolutionary Leap into new times, new paradigms, new earth, new cycles, new dimensions and zeniths of consciousness, some call ascension.  Many also confirm that human civilizations tried this Collective leap a few times, and we are on track to make it this time. Are you ready to be part?

Three basic ingredients require resonance to who you truly are.  It is your uniqueness igniting the colours and energy of the whole.

It is not a human desire or next step, it is in harmony with cosmic, planetary and even human cycles. We have been separated for too long. Nevertheless, it takes much of us all to make that leap, jumping from one point to another. You may be familiar with the leap of the Fool in Tarot with the number 0, so full potential and yet, unchartered and unwritten. We are the Authors of this shift in consciousness to #newearth together. It is not prescribed. We can not all go uniform and do the same. At the same time, even as leaders, #leadinglights and Self-Leadership journeys, we are used to allowing other formulas and recipes. Often we became an empty cup, as we did not source from our #uniqueness as leaders.  I had this conversation with a dear friend, Mopua Cann in Hawaii, the Podcast is on our YouTube Channel. Click the link to the video here

The metaphor of the empty cup in this context stands for we are giving what we don’t have. We try to please and give what is expected and wanted. At the same time, we have a full cup of our unique talent as #leadinglights, we have full cups and we can create our unique recipes from our infinite source and potential.

The question is how?

You can explore the unique meaning of your ingredients and make your recipe.

Let’s look at the three ingredients, so you can create a new recipe for your evolutionary leap.

  • Trust and Self-Confidence

  • Listening to You, within - beyond limitations

  • Courage and vigour for your evolutionary leap

As you explore these three ingredients for you as they ring true for you.

You have the three basic ingredients for your recipe to make an evolutionary leap as a leader.

Trust and Self-Confidence

In Your Whole, I AM Presence beyond your self-concept and identity.

This is where your mystic ability kicks in and your inner knowing you are more than just this human, here by accident - but by purpose. Your Soul wanted to incarnate at that time to be part of our collective and unique evolutionary leaping.

Self-confidence takes you into knowing you can with your abilities, both personal, professional and superpowers. Trust can be more about walking in your truths. Together Trust and Self-Confidence are unwavering like the Grit to see it through.

So, what does trust and self-confidence mean to you? What are you sure about that take you beyond?

This trust is not your ego or self-interest - go beyond.

Listening to You within for the ingredients of your unique recipe

Dreaming your dreams into being. More than 90 % of your infinite fields of possibilities and the impossible are unseen, unmanifest and yet accessible. The Key is to listen within and match and sync to co-create.

Listening within means not being limited by your mind’s doubts, old programs, mindsets and old pain. It is an insight job, to get clear and heal to embody your healed and whole Self to listen and create.

There may be shadows to embrace.

There may be pain to let go and heal.

There is a metamorphosis to transform. #DragonflyMagic is inviting you

There may be limitations to say goodbye.

Courage and vigour to create your unique recipe for your Evolutionary Leap

This takes you again beyond and into the Magic within, the Sage, the Master, your Heart, your soul, your source fractal, whatever resonates. You are here for that.

Dare to contribute.

Dare to invite.

Dare to invoke synergy

Dare to engage and be part

Dare to make it happen in Harmony

Dare to dance to the Rhythms and cycles of Evolution and Ascension

Dare to Flow and hold the space with your Leading Light - regardless

Take time to reflect, meditate or spend time in nature, to find your unique truths to these three basic ingredients, to create your unique recipe of unique evolutionary leaping.

Share what you are finding of Self-Inquiry, Self-Discovery and Self-Realisation.

We are on this journey together.

Reach out to create your unique recipe for your evolutionary leap as a leader with me. More ingredients, spices and magic.

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