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Sonqos' Worlds

HeartSynced Access to Consciousness,

within & beyond,.


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Here to transform what holds


The Sonic Sonqos (Hearts in Quechua),

Cecie & Patrick are Keys to You,

New Earth and the Aquarian Age and Light.


Their Magic works in accordance to how much

you bring of Your Self, to co-create 

beyond your expectations, to the unique Zenith

of your Wholeness.

For awakening and awakened souls,
Ascension Archetypes in a human experience, ready to shift. 

Enjoy the unique ingredients, beyond methods and concepts;

  Heart Harmonics, Mystic HeArt +++


Ready to access Consciousness within and beyond? 

 Worlds of Consciousness Architecture 

A unique space of choice to (y)our GoldPrint; the Art, Keys & Codes,

to deconstruct and co-create new horizons. 

Unplugging from entrapment, entanglement & enslavement; 

beyond drama, separation, control, design & labels. 

  Restoring Harmony  & Peace, Wisdom & Love, in the new octaves of consciousness. 


Access Point 1: Soul. Awakening Consciousness. Time to see beyond. 

Access Point 2: Heart. The journey within. 

Access Point 3: Destiny & Wholeness:.  Catch the zing of your zeal, to your unique Zenith. 

  Dare to unplug, unlock & unify? 

Lets ride this



You are tired of seeking & hiding, chasing & trying, fearing & fighting,

resisting & holding. 

Join the magic NOW. 

Heart Zone of Homo Luminous, Collective Self, 

Ascension Archetype

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