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Entering Sonqos'  Worlds. The Worlds of the Heart.

Sonqos' Worlds

Access to Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice 

Heart Awakening to your Uniqueness & New Earth

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ChakaRunas of  Light & the Heart

The Worlds of the Heart -embracing YOU

to access and enjoy 

Living from the HEART. Our Unique Choice

Are you feeling your Heart Awakening?

Do you hear the Call for Living from the Heart? 

Can you imagine Be LOVE? You and All?


We are Two and Here for YOU. A Bridge, a Keys and Light

Bridging your gaps to cross over, unlock, and shine light on your path

Your Ascension Path and Living from the Heart  

so you can make that evolutionary leap to 

your Uniqueness and True Self in New Earth as Homo Luminous 

co-create, weave, and author the Tapestry of New Earth together. 


Multidimensional, Mystic, Metamorphic, Metaphoric, Musical  

Consciousness, Connectedness, Creativeness, Choice 

Presence, Power, Potential, ImPossible, Poise, Purpose, Profit, Pitch

Lead, live, leap lighten up, languaging, unlearn from the Heart 


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Sonic Sonqos' Specials 2024

ReConnect to the Heart
Online Program

Evolutionary Leaders
Webinar Series

Visit our HeArt Shop

is always OPEN

Always new recordings in 432 Hz 

(English, Español, Deutsch)

Heartsynced, Mystic and  Meditative Music & Sound Journeys. 

We can also record for you,

uniquely attuned to your situation. 

Audio Course for Your Self-Study:

Chakana Compass - Consciousness Architecture Map 

 Oral Storytelling with MusIc; LightSpirit Quests.

Enrol Now to our 

Retreats for 2024

Rekindle your HeartFire  

Private Metamorphosis 1:1 or 2:2 

Ask for​ Cecie’s HeArt:

MysticHeart Paintings, Sun and Dream Catchers, Craft.

Book Covers and Trailers 

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