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Attuning to the potential of your GoldPrint beyond your horizon.

 Architecture of  Heart Consciousness  

Composing the Symphonies of boundless sand divine Creativeness 

to the New Zeniths and Horizons of Consciousness and Integrity of New EARTH and Homo Luminous. 

Are you ready to be the Architect of New Earth? 
Fields of Study for DreamAuthors, HeartAuthors, Ascension Archetypes, Light Workers, Starseeds, Practitioners 
HeArt Keys & Codes: Operating System Heart 
GoldPrint to New EARTH 
AccessPoitnt Heart to Homo Luminous 
Cosmic Choir: Harmonic Zing  

We are also open to intuitive Research and consulting, endeavours and projects,
into the infinite potential of the Architecture of HeartConsciousness. 

Fill in the form below, for your exploratory call. 

The four Fields of Study and unique Embodying 


What is your HeArt? 

How to Vibe UP

and HeartSync

your HeArt?

How to bring

your HeArt to LIFE,

new earth and

homo luminous.

Expressing your Divine Resonance.


 Your Conscious

Magic, Keys & Codes

Choice & Voice  

GoldPrint to New Earth 

How to remember,

click, and reinstate 

your GoldPrint of

your Consciousness

and Vibes.

Align, compose and translate the magic and dreams into being 

with the Harmonic Vibes of New Earth and the Cosmos. 

Your  Conscious

Evolutionary Leap into the Heart  

AccessPoint Heart 

to unplug,​


and unify, 

so you can

 weave and compose Homo Luminous'

cosmic tapestry 

into being. 

Your Conscious 

shift, deconstruction and rebirth 

Cosmic Choir 

Your dynamic 

Harmonic Zing. 


Find your tones, harmonies, spices

& flavours, your

colours& uniqueness 

in this Choir  

Composing, playing and dancing from the Heart, 

to the cosmic rhythms

of Earth 

The Conscious Weaving Composing and Dreaming 


Fill in the form below, for your free call, or let us know the short course of your interest.


Currently available

Consciousness Architecture: 

The Map

Your HeArt Expression Awake 

Keys and Codes  - Connecting to

Operation System Heart  

Chakana Compass 

Find your True North.

Heartsync with the Chakana 

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