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The magic and joy of Beyond Munay Ki

Beyond Munay Ki

What is Beyond Munay Ki?

Munay Ki - I love you (me).  The Power of Love was introduced by

Dr. Alberto Villoldo, from his work with the Q'ero in Peru.

Nine Rites of Passage, to reconnect to our foundation, our lineage, and Horizons Rites,

The 13th rite - The Rite of the Womb, 


Since 2021, the Sonic Sonqos where guide to add  three more Rites: The Chakana Rising Rites.

All Rites are given with Sound of the Sonic Sonqos. 

The rites attune to the Heart and the awakening of homo luminous. 

The rites take us through the transition from 2012 till 2032, to dream a NEW EARTH into being,

harmonized with the Age of the Light, Aquarian Age, End of the Cycle, Mayan Calendar and others. 

The Munay Ki Rites are planting  seeds of Love so you can cultivate and share them. 

The Sonqos are attuned to their own indigenous LightSpirit lineage,

Q'ero & Laika, Maya & Cosmic Starseeds, Toltec & Kahuna, Aboriginals & Hopi,

as well as the High Councils of LIGHT and the Sacred Heart of Creation. 

How can you enjoy? 

Learning about, receiving, discovering, exploring, connecting & cultivating. 


Activation of your HeartLight and Sacred Heart

Foundation Rites (4 rites)

Lineage Rites  (3 Rites) 

New Horizon Rites  (2 rites) 

Chakana Rising Rites (3 Rites) to your unique Ascension Archetypes. 

13th Rite  Rite of the Womb. 


Every section has a Sound Journey to help you integrate. Downloadable 


You will be part of a ceremony to welcome you to the community.

How does Beyond Munay Ki flow? 

Beyond Munay Ki is focussing on receiving the Rites, enjoying and nurturing, to cultivate the relationships. 

Beyond Munay Ki is a 

Sacred Immersion:  face2face,  Virtual or as Retreat. from 1 participant. flexible delivery. 

As a graduate, you may continue to learn how to Share the Love.

Here you learn how to give the rites attuned to you. Our Munay Ki facilitators Graduate with their own Manual & Gold Print 

Fill out the form below to get in.

What are Sonqos´ Sacred Keys?

These keys, unlock LOVE and the Power of the HEART for the Shift, the Aquarian Age and Homo Luminous. 


An Access Code to new Horizons of Fields of Consciousness 


A vital relationship in Ayni with your lineage and our emerging Ascension Archetypes. 


A Playful Praxis to cultivate and integrate the rites in your unique way. 

Beyond Munay Ki brings your

consciousness, connectedness, intrepidness, harmony and collaboration to a new zenith and higher octaves. 


 It is perpectual once you HERE. Nothing to seek or wait for. 

Soul Harmonics (past & destiny) Medicine Wheel,  Harmonic States of Being to integrate, receiving the rites 

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