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The Chakana as a symbol for connection and transformation

Chakana School 

Eclectic - Unique - Intimate - Self-Discovery - Joyful - Playful - Grounded - Transformational

A Mystic School of Heart Awakening to Self and
a Master Key to Collective Consciousness in New Earth.

The Chakana is a map to journey with Spirit within You,
and with the Southern Cross to evolve.
Here you learn about
the Path of Initiations and Ascension through the Heart.

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Can you imagine You have a Choice ...

An invitation to dream, compose, author, co-create, and weave the unfolding Tapestry of Life into being, together.


Your challenges and struggles, high sensitivity, and mental and emotional well-being may be a sign to awaken and evolve.


Make this Evolutionary Leap with us to Ascend to New Earth, with classes, short courses, or retreats to access

Living from the Heart: Our Unique Choice.

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