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The Chakana as a symbol for connection and transformation

Chakana School 

A School of Heart Awakening to YOU. the Key to Collective Awakening
Unlearn with the Magic of Two Heart Bridges for Ascension to Be LOVE. Live from the Heart. 
Keys and Codes, Recipe and Rhythms to Access, Embody and Enjoy. Vital Connectedness & Well-being 
Our first online, interactive, unique and immersive Program: "Reconnect to the Heart"


Find your Unique Keys to Heart Awakening here. 

An Invitation to weave, co-create, compose, author, sing and dream 

New Earth Tapestry into being, together. 

Retreats, Workshops, and Programs with our unique GoldPrint to Homo Luminous.  

 Journeys to and of Mastery for Practitioners, Professionals, the Curious & Courageous, Light Workers, Starseeds   +++ 

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Join the Chakana School Community 

Heart EduCreation has launched its first online  Program "Reconnect to the HEART "


Open for enrollment now:  Program and Retreat Season 2024  

by application: Consciousness Architecture, Beyond Munay Ki Facilitators and others. 

Please register your interest to join and be a part. 


Fill in the form below, to get you on board.  

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