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Consciousness Architecture: The Map

This is the birthing of Consciousness Architecture, the Architecture of the Heart Awakening to Heart Consciousness  

This Map is essential should it resonate with you and you sense you can be part. 

In these Audio Classes, we take you into the potential, the treasure and the significance for you.

Consciousness Architecture can be seen as a tool, a map, a bridge of the Heart into New Earth and to Homo Luminous.

It gives us all an opportunity to shift into these new octaves and dimensions of Consciousness.

All of us can learn about Consciousness Architecture and find our truths and resonance in it. 

We are excited to bring you this Audio Course "Consciousness Architecture: The Map

The course consists of 7 Audio Classes, all of them with our unique Pentatonic Keys and Codes to

share the first attuning and activating of the heart with you. 

Get it now. Easy by PayPal.  

Consciousness Architecture is at the Heart of Ascension Catalysts, as it holds the seeds and vibes of our multidimensional metamorphosis

and Vital Shifting from within, into the Aquarian Vibe & Age, and our unique and collective Wholeness. Check the school for more 

Chakana Compass

The Chakana Compass is a unique Ascension Catalyst—an Ascension GoldPrint to your New Earth Living. 


Enjoy this unique way of remembering your compass and your true north. 

It takes you to your Heart, the Cosmos, your Soul and Homo Luminous.

Are you ready to activate your compass to read and create your maps and journeys into New Earth? 

A full Course in your space and pace. The Introduction & invitation is in the Chakana Picture. 

A vital element of Consciousness Architecture. The Recipe & Rhythms of the GoldPrint will be available soon, 

Journeys and Maps to the GoldPrint are available in Short Course Series in the School. 


with your exchange you receive 

- Three Classes and one Bonus Class

- A meditation, to prepare and attune.  

- A Light Guide as Living Medicine (PDF) to take you through (all three in your inbox) 

- An Activation, to fully activate your Compass within, and to claim and access your libraries of wisdom, 

your soul's Purpose and Heart´s Song, beyond your wildest dreams. 

This is essential for Ascension Archetypes and anyone who resonates with the Collective Consciousness Shift, Ascension, Aquarian Age

and the unique part one plays in it. 

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