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Sound & Meditation Journeys

The tapestry of creativeness

Welcome to Our

HeArt Shop

We create HeArt into our Heart Bridge for Ascension to Be LOVE. HeartAwakening. Vital Well-being. Immerse 

 Translating, composing and transposing Cosmic, Earth & Ascension Vibes into

Music, Stories, and Wisdom, recorded in 432 Hz.   

Audio Courses & Stories, Paintings & Craft & Upcoming Books. 

Ask for your unique creation 

HeartSynced Music.
Sound Bridges 
Meditative Immersion

Stories & Sound Audio. Courses 

Ascension Catalysts
(Audio Courses 


Books & Series

auf Deutsch

en Español

Ana Cecilia's HeArt

Original Story,Sound & Spririt Medicine Art  
LightSpirit Quests to enlighten your life, children, endeavors +++ 

LightSpirits come to you on your journey to shift into 5 D and higher vibration. 

The Magic of Story, Sound  & Spirit Medicine Art is Mystic, Metaphoric and Metamorphic. Light, Powerful & Sweet.

Power or Spirit animals speak through us from the Heart to Awakening your Magic and journey. 

Enjoy the enchanting magic In your Space and at your Pace to evolve in the Flow with Wayki and his friends. 

Dynamic Stories that upgrade and update your heart anytime you listen if you allow it to unfold.

Easy and enjoyable for Children and Adults alike 

The classes are also perpetual - anytime you go in-you find a new treasure to evolve and embrace your path 


Available in English, Check out some in  Auf Deutch and en Español 

Wayki the Hummingbird


Sunny, the Giraffe


Ahonui, the Dolphin


Tuatara, the Tuatara



Access & Attune. Link & Sync to Create 

Ascension Catalysts are switching on the light. 

Heart Awakening for Ascension Archetypes 

All give you  access to your Heart to raise your consciousness;  

 attuned to the Aquarian Age, Source & Cosmic Vibes  


Chakana Compass 

Nexus and Access Points 2023

A range of Experiences, and there is more to come.


Yes, we can do this together. 


Breaking the old to see your Ascension Potential

Ascension Catalysts  Audio Courses 

Ana Cecilia´s HeArt

Through the lenses of the heart, 

Ana Cecilia always experienced her world. 

The beauty and sacredness. The wonder of life. 

In colours and energy to paper and canvas, 

and with her gifted hands into the craft,

her eyes, take her to the beauty beyond, through photography and so much more. 


Life took her to business and education, but she has returned to her HeArt, 

reconnecting to the magic of music playing the drums, and a range of percussions, 


To weave harmony & love, light & peace for you to enjoy 

Paintings and her Sound, as well as 

Dreamcatchers, Suncatchers & Crafts, and whatever inspires her,


You can choose a physical or digital version. 

Or ask for a special creation. 

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