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The horizons of a Unique Retreat in the Sanctuary of the Heart

 Small Retreat Magic    

Retreating to You. HeartAwakening to Your uniqueness & wholeness.

We design. weave, facilitate, and collaborate. with our unique experiential spices. 

 Life-changing.SoulMagic Nature Immersion. Living from the Heart.Our Unique Choice   

Playful &  Powerful, Music & Meditation. Ceremonies & LOVE 


Vital Connectedness, Vital Well-being  & Harmonizing,  Spiritual Heart Bridging 

to emerge as Homo Luminous in New EARTH. Community. Fractal Creation Harmony

NO Plant Medicine. 1-4 Participants or 1-2 Couples each time 

Your Mystic HeartFire

A retreat journey of Self with your HeartFire

Mastery Codes & Keys, Seeds & Vibes

of Creation 


Kick-off in Lamas, our Jungle Home


PERU = May/June/November 

GERMANY + = August 

Siciliy = September 

JAMAICA = October 

4 Days Retreat - immersive to emerge

4 participants or 2 couples each time,

33 Days Integration Map for YOU

with a private master class

Let us know your destination preference 

we are ready to fill the first retreats with 4. 

fill in the form below 

Other Retreat Options 

To your Practitioner Program. Beyond Munay Ki to create your own Munay Ki - blended 

There is a high possibility we will offer a Whale Song Retreat in Organos, Peru 

in September or October. `Express your interest. 

All of our Retreats have a unique GoldPrint. original. 

We also offer Four days of Silence Retreats  Please inquire 

 by application limited spaces and times this year 

Fill in the form below, for your exploratory call. 

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