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ReConnect to the Heart

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Reconnect to the Heart is about the Journey to Mastery of the Grand Awakening of the HEART. We have been separated from the divine, paradise and the heart. We are all somewhere on this journey. We are in here because we resonate. The Aquarian Ascension, the indigenous wisdom and calendar are inviting us back into the HEART. The Key is Your Heart. Ready to leap into YOU & New Earth. So, this Program "Reconnect to the Heart", is about coming back into sacred relation and harmony. The Heart is the centre, the key, the bridge and the path to awaken and ascend in harmony with the cosmos and earth. Reconnecting to the Heart is metaphoric, mystical and metamorphic, so you can remember who you truly are, hence we reconnect. Three Modules with Videos, specially recorded Meditative Music, Assignments, a Group and a monthly Heart Author Gathering. You are here as it is time. At a time in synchronicity, we are shifting this human from homo sapiens, women and men of the mind, to homo luminous, women and men of the Light. Homo Sapiens were trapped in the left brain and operating system mind, based on fear and scarcity. Homo Luminous is free in the light, operates from the heart and lives in love, harmony and bounty. Glad we are here to leap together into the HEART and HeartConsciousness, to live in New Earth, in the Vibration of the Aquarian Ascension and your very own homo luminous. Welcome to this Journey to Mastery, Heart Authors Starseeds, Ascension Archetypes and Light Worlds creating this Grand Awakening together, composing and weaving, grounding and singing, dancing and dreaming this new earth into being. Blessings to you for being part.

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