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Are you in your witty Vibe?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Do you use your #Wit?

Your intelligence with #Phronesis (practical wisdom) as an #expression that brings #lightness and a bit of fun?

The pic was taken in the area of Chennai, quite a few years back.

I did not hold the rock, it holds itself, but I enjoyed its courage and mine to connect.

My wit are #Keys to #unplug, #unlock & #unite.

What is your wit?

Today, I share with you some Keys to your #uniqueness to the #Zenith of #Wholeness


Trust your #creativeness.

The power to create your uniqueness.

Stay in your #integrity so it is your own gig,

Keep your #grit to dare until the magic click,

As you feel the #HeartSync.

the #CoCreation with All that you link

The human, the #soul, the #spirit and All.

so you know it is your true Call

to the Zenith of your Wholeness.



Come and SEE

Sync. Engage. Enjoy.

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