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Hermeneutic Heart Horizons

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Opening space for eclectic neo-systemic meaning. Weaving language & story, sound & art into these new horizons.

Welcome to Hermeneutic Heart Horizons in Sonqos' Worlds. This is a a big part of our content, as it explores meaning of language, creates stories, sound & art. This is a new space and we are excited to share it with you.

Opening Space for New Horizons of ?Understanding from the Heart

When you open a space to expand beyond reason and linearity, you come to the worlds of the heart, no longer restricted by a left and right brain.

When I recognised, that language had multiple meaning, depending on context, the parts and the whole, its relations, and interconnectedness, its purpose and intend, I fell in love with Language. The Hermeneutic Heart Horizons has evolved from a journey to a platform, a system within systems and holons. Powered by exploring meaning through the lenses of Wholeness, weaving Quantum Space, Spiral Dynamics, (Systems Thinking), Semiotics, Holonics, (the ghost in the machine), my intuition & source guidance into these Hermeneutic Heart Horizons. Daring to unlock new horizons of meaning and conscious understanding in an Aquarian time. The heart as the space for words, signs, and sound that seems subtle, unseen, and magic.

Languageis a system, self-organising, self-sustaining, and infinitely expanding and changing all the time. The context could be a holon, whole and complete in its way, connecting subject, particles, and elements, with the subtle and unseen, the wave, the rhythm and the frequency. Language is not only words, they are simply part of the intangible, quantum and mystic worlds, that enter our consciousness to make crucial choices, works, signs and sound. Hermeneuticsin philosophy became a perpetual fascination to me, as it involves the parts and the whole, and the infinite possibilities, even of fractals, sound & frequencies, guided by intent, creativity, integrity, and imagination. Also honouring the systems and their right to protect, expand, and repair self, including the living system of self.

Gadamer, Heidegger, and Derrida shook my world, but also Emoto and Chomski.

Exploring meaningful Wholes and parts takes us into a space of complexity, chaos, and the unexpected, seeking purpose, calling and intent to be part of the system and not destroying it. This is not a warrior space, but a space for observers,

Interpretation is about Meaning and making space for new horizons of understanding, not singular, not linear, not rational, but liberating, honouring, and always in awe, present and conscious by its magic, synchronicity & serendipity.

Let me invite you to this space of my Heart Worlds, it may feed your curiosity, it may liberate you, it may reset, and rewires you to a sacred relational magic with all living and non-living systems in these Hermeneutic Horizons. It may awaken the stories that represent connectedness to all and your conviction to actualise self.

I don’t know what is going to unfold here. I am a bridge and an instrument making space for the Hermeneutic Heart Horizons and a new conscious reality that unfolds on individual and collective levels.

Convicted to embrace the infinity of the Space and flow with it, as it presents itself to me, and follow my creative spark every week to share.

We cannot destroy and manipulate systems. The failure of those actions is at hand and no longer to be ignored neither accepted. Some broken systems may be beyond repair, and some systems may have been true system, but created without the integrity of the Holon, the Whole and the part, the interconnectedness, the true purpose and hence a false and fake system that cease to serve or anyone, including its own purpose.

It is time to make peace, honour, and collaborate with the systems that are connected with us, to guard, expand, and reset so we can thrive together. It is time to recover, rewire, and revitalise self within the systems. It is time to embrace the conscious quantum space and stand up for what really matters in harmony with all.

We can all be instruments to bring the hermeneutic meaning into the world, in our own authentic and unique way, and this is the true calling. In this process we too, leave behind the false belief systems, the traps, the pain, and the conflict that keeps in chains. From the Activist fighting against what is wrong, lets become Instruments and Catalyst for what works and can be sustained, renewed, expanded and rewired to thrive. What is your individual calling and how does it fit into the collective new conscious becoming? What is your role and how? This is what the Hermeneutic Heart Horizons are all about.

Most will be writing, audio and video, with sound too. I already know the first is a video exploring the Hermeneutic Heart Horizons of Conviction. I am also happy to explore your questions and inquiries.


Patrick Alexander Sonqo (Fuss)

Instrument of Consciousness, Illariy ChakaRuna (Bridge of Light) Catalyst & Imagineer, Sound Artist & Yogi

Co-founder of Sonqos' Worlds

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