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Seven Cs and a P. A Map for Conscious Heart Awakening & Actualization self

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

from Sonqos' Worlds the Worlds of the Heart

Welcome to our 7 Cs and 1 P. Weaving Language & Story, Sound & Art.

Design with Ease

When you enter the worlds of the Heart you claim your whole and free self.

When you enter Sonqos’ Worlds you enter the Worlds of the Heart. We, as the Sonqos making space for our Calling, Core, Content, Concepts, Context, Conviction, Choice & Praxis to invoke Resonance and Truths living your dreams audaciously, in harmony with all to play our part to bring Heart Consciousness into this World, your world and mine. We are often asked these questions - so here you have the answers.

Cecie's Inspiration

What is our calling?

We are called to be Instruments for opening & living in the heart and a higher consciousness & dimensions.

We are guided to create, and share Vital Shifting Systems & Retreats, as well as Unlearning Maps & Mapping, to reclaim and unlock the worlds of the heart individually & collectively.

We can be Bridges (Illariy ChakaRunas), Catalysts, and Portals into the Worlds of the Heart. We can facilitate workshops, presentations, and seminars in conscious academic & work settings, as well as individual and couples’ or family journeys.

As these instruments we are called and convicted to use our eclectic potential of heart.

We facilitate meditation journeys and ceremonies online mostly.

We engagewith Individuals, Couples, conscious & heart-open Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs & Creatives, work & educational space around relations, resilience, non-violence, meditation,

Our services include Vital Shifting Retreats, Meditation Journeys, Master Courses, Inspirational Speaking & Facilitation, Sacred Sound & Frequencies to reattune your compass to true north, shift belief systems, and others, Sessions, Coaching & Facilitation, Program & Course Design.

What is our Core?

Connectedness Wisdom, Codes & Chores unlocking potential & courage for a whole new world of gratitude, peace, choice, praxis, and abundance.

Relational Rhythms: intra, inter & trans. Self, Beloved, Work & Educational Space Taking relational aspects of connectedness in our world from a neo-systemic and quantum perspective into Collaboration & Engagement– as an expression of Connectedness and Inclusion & Diversity:the connectedness of One People, One Heart, One Spirit,

Vital Thriving: Exploring ways claim your freedom from depression & anxiety, fears & belief system, labels & habits that are manipulating & controlling authenticity and Expression of True Self. Including shifting stress, bullying etc through Resilience & Thriving going beyond change, elements, and facts into the worlds of the heart. Shadow Shifting: Systems: Embracing and making peace with our shadows and mirrors and fall into the heart, resonance and truths.

Sonqos’ Heart-Fullness: living from the Heart, rooted in Love, Connectedness & Consciousness. Expressing through stillness, contribution & collaboration, meditation, creativeness, mantras & movement, standing up for what matters.

Including Appreciative Living: A ticket into gratitude & appreciation from the Heart, and creating through what works, embracing. Can also be Meditation & Mindfulness. Reprogramming the mind and connect to Higher Consciousness, Peace, Vitality & Happiness, both within and in the world. Power of Choice – the Marriage of Mind, Emotions & Heart From scarcity & judgment to abundance & space for difference, collaboration & co-creation, from fear & violence to peace and acceptance.

What is our Content and where to find it?

It isavailable on our website, facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. Writing & Stories, life events, videos, audios, Meditation Journey & Sound, as well as

private sessions & classes, our retreats, and other engagement.

Our content is a of weaving Language, Sound, and Art, inspired by Spiral Dynamics, Appreciative Inquiry, Conscious Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Coaching & Mentoring, Pentatonic Musiq, Sound & Frequency, Meditation Journeys, Writing, ReWriting Stories, Shadow Shifting, Sonqos’ Heart-fullness-appreciative Praxis, Intuition, Mystic Wisdom, Divine Guidance & Source.

We make our content accessible for in a private or collective setting.

What are our Concepts?

Our Concepts evolves around the following:

Unlearning Maps & Mapping, Shadow & Mirror Shifting, Spirit & Sound Medicine, Yoga & Mantras, Breath & Movement, Language, Weaving Story, Sound & Art into Understanding, Higher Consciousness & Dimensions, Non-Duality, Actualization, Spiral Dynamics, Meditation & Journeying, Sacred Tracking, Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Philosophy, Wisdom, Truths, Intuition, Harmlessness, Vital Living, Harmony, Ayni (Sacred Reciprocal Relationship with all) Living Systems, Quantum Space, Spirit Animals, Nature, Hermeneutics, Art, Heart, +++

What is the Context of Sonqos’ Worlds?

The context is this world with its concerns and the worlds of the hearts to bring change, transformation & shift. We believe we are shifting from Homa Sapiens, the men & women of the mind to Homo Luminous, the ones of the Light and from the Heart. We are part of a collective movement of the Heart and from the third into the fifth dimension. We embrace the teachings of Mystic Wisdom, Cosmic Guidance, and individuals on the planet inspiring us in synchronicity & synergy with our own connectedness to Source.

What are our Convictions?

To live our truths and calling so many are called into their truths. We make our choices every moment. In our congruence & resonance we are here to offer our content & work will stay customized, attuned to you, and the energy of the conscious collectiveness & guidance.

What is our Choice?

Choice is exquisiteness we are sharing Choice Content and Engagement from the the worlds of the Hearts.

We choose our Calling to be our source of livingness, so we operate in a vibration of Ayni, generously giving & receiving, valuing our exchange with the world, and our clients.

What is our Praxis?

Ready to do the work, to cultivate, to protect, to expand and repair through Language & Sound, Mediation & Yoga, Love & Energy. We are living plant-based, in the country, as sustainable as we can be. We believe like many others, as long as we live, we live, every praxis has only value when it is continuing, and perpetual choice to stay in this space. Like any system it requires protection, expansion & repair of be alive.

Where are you? Where do you find resonance, interest, or truths, Touch Hearts with us +51947733132 WhatsApp & FaceTime

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