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The Power of Making Vital Choices Stepping up time

Stepping up, Stepping out or beyond

Can you imagine you have the power to be aware of your ChoicePoints

Imagine each choice becomes vital, essential, full of energy and alive.

What is it like when something goes wrong? Are you stuck in your past experience? Do you want to control, the situation? Are you getting stressed and contracted? Do feel the limitations of your conditioning? Do you feel a separation? Your mind can go crazy? Over thinking, over analyzing, over criticizing? Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling you are running your of options? You feel force or forced? You feel you have to fight or fly? Are you constantly in high alert?

Ready for Solutions?

You can step out of this addiction. You can step out of the parasympathicus the state of tension and mind and step beyond into the sympathicus and relax to the infinite possibilities, a quantum space and Sonqos’ Worlds, the Worlds of the Heart.

They are many possibilities, but really the trick is to make it a praxis. Out of one MysticalBliss moment to recognize what make you tick, and what it takes to create a new way.

When you are relaxed you can take the lesson and step into your possibilities, or you can try to find out who is to blame and guilty; you, another, fate, life, the government, +++

How can you relax? You can get out of your mind, and step up into a quantum space and presentness, to notice Choice Points that open up new horizons, prisons or slavery, on all levels of being.

Choices can be vital, bringing life, or dead keeping us stuck in our conditions & stress.

Choice Point:

1. You can take the lesson and step out of the situation, step up to the (un)learning and the responsibility and step beyond into a quantum space, the worlds of the heart (Sonqos’ Worlds) to see the higher meaning o move on

2. You can blame yourself or the ‘bad’ others you stay there in the situation, getting stuck and chained in guilt, blame & the past, a three- dimensional reality, overthinking, over analysing, over critical- staying in a matter to matter, control state.

A matter of being conscious and present to a vital choice, one that gives life

Often, we are in a default response and often it takes us to the dead choice, but of course we all can make vital choices. Stepping up, Stepping out or beyond.

There are other possibilities like Meditation, Breathing & Yoga, or taking the mind into the quantum space and many others,

When you can find out how you uniquely tick,

its very easy to connect deep and click.

to your own rhythms and tone into a real kick

this is when you know this is your nick. Yenga

Seeing the Light

Embodying Appreciative Inquiry and its praxis may also help on this journey. Whatever it takes to find out how you tick.

How about stepping beyond the limitations of your mind and ego? How about stepping out of the fight, flight, fear fortify brain? How about stepping up to the possibilities, instead of the one thing that seems to be separating you?

This is more than being positive or optimistic. One could bring Appreciative Inquiry into it and some principles as a guide for Vital Choices.

The Constructivist: Creating something meaningful and vital

The Anticipatory: Be aware whatever picture you create in your mind you may come to fruition. What is it you want to create and what rings true in your heart.

The Positive: consciously considering the positive for self, others and the whole planet.

The Simultaneity: the spark of change, if you wish, begins with asking appreciative questions of how things could be. Like, what can I imagine for this?

And there are also the new principles of Appreciative Inquiry for Vital Choice:

Wholeness: being present and looking at a whole picture, impact on all

Enactment: is about being true, being authentic, embodying our truths

Free Choice: is based in the knowing what is your truths and make those free choices with clarity.

Awareness: is being aware of all the principles, and the art of appreciation over all. Noticing surfacing assumptions in relationships

Practice, reflect, question, provoke – act.

Narrative: construct a story, make it sacred make it real to transform your world

There will be more about these Vital Choices.

1. Your very own exquisite Life Choice

2. Exploring your rhythms of functioning to Living

coming up soon - here in Sonqos' Worlds

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